Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday, Nov. 22nd

I skipped my math this morning, with the kids out of school and all I figured they could appreciate their mom being home with them. We cleaned house and wrote their talks for the Sacrament Meeting this Sunday. They each chose something really cool to talk about, Gratitude is our subject, and it was sweet to spend the time working with them.

Today was a perfect way to spend a Wednesday!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Today was a pretty calm day. We just spent time together; church, dinner, watching a movie. It was really nice to not have a whole lot going on, to take a breath in the midst of a crazy and consuming life. I really think the most positive thing was just being together with my family. It feels like the calm before the storm; the holidays and such coming up.

on marriage

'Will you, um, marry me?' I haven't seen you in weeks! You don't look happy or excited about the prospect of our marriage! You're asking me to give up my - my freedom, my joie de vivre for an institution that fails as often as it succeeds? And why should I marry you anyway? I mean, why do you wanna marry me? Besides some bourgeois desire to fulfill an ideal that society embeds in us from an early age to promote a consumer capitalist agenda?