Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chief Informaion Officer

I needed this reminder today. haha...previously posted 5/13/07

So, I was signing up for something and since I really haven't decided what my career path will be I always like to look at the options. There are so many. From CEO, to VP Sales, to Marketing Director and Human Resources Manager. I found one I like for today. Chief Information Officer.

I gave myself a promotion. I am now the Chief Information Officer in our home. I don't know that my duties will change at all, I already give information about missing socks, where is my coat, can't find my keys, do we have any milk?....

Seems that even when it is right in front of them they feel better when they come to me for directions. I wonder....will they keep coming? I suppose the day will come when they will no longer need me to help them find their way from the front room to the kitchen, so I must, I must, I must enjoy this moment. Too bad the promotion didn't come with a raise, or did it. I seem to smile a little more inside now just thinking that I have a title.

MUMMMMMEEEEE....i can't find my....

sorry, got to go, duty calls!


Liz said...

This is the same old job with a fancy title...does it help? :O)

Barbaloot said...

I'm with you---having those photos for now and for the future is awesome. And, when you get in a debate with your brother about a family vacation date---you can prove him wrong with the pictures:)

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