Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Way-Back When-esday: oh baby!

This would have been 1994!
I love how G is gazing up at me.
And when I look at me holding him here it reminds
me of how un-certain I was
about EVERYTHING about
being a Mother.
He is now this BIG kid! ...17.5 ♥
And below is one from 2001, my second baby girl
holding our last baby J!

oh baby...
that was then....
this is NoW!

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


i am so thankful to live in an age where
we can so easily record memories.
on days,
like today,
when i need a boost of spirits
it is amazing how one picture,
one memory,
can bring such happiness.
happiness preserved,
to be used often,
not just in case of emergency.
*GratiTuesday is a trademark
What are you Grateful for this Tuesday?

Chief Informaion Officer

I needed this reminder today. haha...previously posted 5/13/07

So, I was signing up for something and since I really haven't decided what my career path will be I always like to look at the options. There are so many. From CEO, to VP Sales, to Marketing Director and Human Resources Manager. I found one I like for today. Chief Information Officer.

I gave myself a promotion. I am now the Chief Information Officer in our home. I don't know that my duties will change at all, I already give information about missing socks, where is my coat, can't find my keys, do we have any milk?....

Seems that even when it is right in front of them they feel better when they come to me for directions. I wonder....will they keep coming? I suppose the day will come when they will no longer need me to help them find their way from the front room to the kitchen, so I must, I must, I must enjoy this moment. Too bad the promotion didn't come with a raise, or did it. I seem to smile a little more inside now just thinking that I have a title.

MUMMMMMEEEEE....i can't find my....

sorry, got to go, duty calls!

Monday, February 27, 2012

this too shall pass--repost: one from WAAAAYYYYY back

haha...going through old posts and found this...posted once in a hardcopy family newsletter, typed version!!! then posted in 2006ish...reposted 10/2008 ...and today. Because I need to remember this TOO will pass :)

i will have to dig up the pictures!
hardcopy in my head...oh how I remember like it was yesterday!!!

I can’t help myself. Memories are so fun sometimes.
I am reprinting this from a very long time ago.

This is one of the articles from August 1997:
G would have been 3.

A Day In The Life Of A Toddler
5:30 G woke up from his nap, a peaceful 2 hours for mom.

533 Mom starts to make dinner

535 G vacuums with the popper on the hardwood floor.

550 Used a chair to climb on the table

551-552 Time out

553 Stood on the chair and give me “THE LOOK”

554 Mom reads a story to G, burns the hamburger

559 Stood on the chair AGAIN

600 Mom tries to distract G with some toys
605 G gets under the kitchen sink, sprays WINDEX all over the newly mopped kitchen floor.

610 Dad calls to say he is on the way home, G back under the sink

611 Mom tries to distract G and talk to dad

612 G unplugs the phone system

615 Back under the kitchen sink, dumps comet all over
616-617 TIME OUT
620 Asks for a drink of Juice
622 Spills drink of juice, floor needs to be mopped again
625 plays and BREAKS angel candles
626 Mom cleans up broken candles
628 G coloring hall carpeting with deodorant
630 While scrubbing carpets, G is finding all sorts of fun chemicals under kitchen sink, AGAIN

I am going to interject here because I know that most of you are wondering why I did not have safety locks on my sinks….we did…read on.

Back to the article:

cont. (with this child, safety locks are only a pain for adults, if you want it open, ask G.)

Sprays Windex again, boy does the floor shine. “hey, can you spay over here where the comet was?”

631 FIVE MINUTE TIME OUT….for mommy
632 Mom ties the cabinet door closed.

636 Out of time out, wants a graham cracker.
639 Ground graham cracker into Oriental rug
640 Mom vacuuming graham crackers. G crushes the rest of the cracker on the kitchen floor, licks it up…at least the floor is clean.
642 Vacuuming interrupted by crash in the kitchen. Drain full of dishes has found a new home on the kitchen floor (with the graham cracker mess.)
645 Dad calls again, not home (obviously), should be home in 17 minutes.
650More graham cracker mess, (where is he finding these, I only gave him one.) What happened to dinner? Sweep up crackers, wipe floor.
653 Mom starts to make spaghetti. G is throwing Tupperware into the laundry room to the dog, thank goodness, at least he is distracted.
655 G is hungry, wants a milk bottle.
659 G sprays milk all over the kitchen floor, imagine that.

700 Mopping up kitchen floor, G sprays milk on the dining room floor.

705 Floors are clean. G is jumping on cereal boxes, one is open, crushed cereal everywhere.
706 Time out. Mommy cleans up floor, again. WHAT”S BURNING???

707 Throw out Spaghetti.

708 Read to G.
712 Visiting Teacher calls. Cleaning burnt dishes and finish making a pie crust.
716 G unplugs phone system again.
717 Karen, visiting teacher, calls back.
720 G unplugs the phone again. WHERE IS DADDY@!@!
723 Karen calls to say goodbye.

725 G moves a chair to the kitchen where stereo and plants are. Pulls Mommy's records (YES RECORDS) down, knocks over plant and full potpourri pot, stereo hanging by a chord. G smiles.


730 Mommy cleaning up the plant dirt, broken record and potpourri mess. Daddy is in BIG trouble (this is all his fault, right!??!)

731 While mommy is still cleaning, G opens the safety gate (did I say open the safety gate???) and spills the dog water and food down the back stairs.
732 Dog cleans up some of the mess, the rest is left for daddy
733 WHERE IS G-3?
734 G just finished pulling the all the books off the shelf and removing the wrappers.
735 Mommy starts crying and stacking books (2 years later and the covers still have not been put back on.)
736 G is being so quiet!!! He has pulled all the Kleenex out of the box. "Mommee, you are crying, you need a tissue."

737 What time did Dad call? Mom is folding Kleenex and putting it back in the box (saving .79 cents). G has found his fire engine and is screaming fire engine noises in the dining room on the hardwood floor.
738 Call for Pizza. What happened to the fire engine noises? G is in the bathroom pulling toilet paper off the roll!

739 G is strapped to high chair. Mom finished folding Kleenex (I never knew there were so many Kleenex in one box!)

800 DAD”S HOME. Pizza is delivered, “How was your day dear?”

I think this whole thing happened because I mopped the floor while he was napping. I should have been reading, writing, relaxing…..that is my learned lesson, my roots are deeper and I can laugh and smile. This too will pass.

Do it nice, or do it twice!

on marriage

'Will you, um, marry me?' I haven't seen you in weeks! You don't look happy or excited about the prospect of our marriage! You're asking me to give up my - my freedom, my joie de vivre for an institution that fails as often as it succeeds? And why should I marry you anyway? I mean, why do you wanna marry me? Besides some bourgeois desire to fulfill an ideal that society embeds in us from an early age to promote a consumer capitalist agenda?