Monday, December 1, 2008

What's the harm in J-7 having a MULLET!??!!☺

It's haircut day.

J-7 and Mr. B come home, J is shaved, perfect future missionary haircut, except that he is 7, and has 11 more years to have hair before the days of balded bliss.

Mr. B brings him in
: Mom, check out the new cut.

Me: I can see who won that debate.

Mr. B: I think he looks good.

J-7: Yeah, well Olivia C. wont think so.
She told me she wanted me to grow my hair out.

[Now we know the method behind the madness, always a girl involved.]

B:: You look good buddy.

(as he runs to his room, at least he hasn't learned to slam the doors, YET.)

Me: You should have just let him get the mullet.
(even i can't believe that i heard myself say that.)

Mr. B now is desperate to heal the broken heart of his child.

Who wouldn't want to?

Mr. B to J-7: You look cute buddy.
It's a great haircut.
It is just like mine.

J-7 to Dad: That's because you
don't have any hair,
you have to cut your hair that way.


Dad to J-7: It will grow out.

J-7: Not in one day.
AND now my neck is going to be cold.

(thanks to my sister, for the Mullet fisherman info. J-7 now has fact behind the folly.)

Dad: Sorry buddy.

J-7: Tell that to Olivia C.

yeah, dad, and we will C if J-7
will EVER go with you to get a hair cut again!

Dad: We can always go get you the wig!

Cece: He will thank you guys someday for not letting him do that.

Sorry everyone who voted yea; we are months away from the mullet now.

And J-7's love life is on hold. I guess that's not a bad thing, right?

PS: Quick addition....
Conversation in the car with G; after the fact!

G-11: So J got his haircut.

Me: Yes, not real happy about it.

G-11: Yeah, I heard.

Me: Dad should have let him have the mullet.

G-11: I don't know about that.

Me: What's the harm in J having a mullet?

G: Having to look at him!

ouch! point for dad.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny! How old did you say he is and he is worried about what girls think? That hilarious;).

in time out said...

yes....this is the plague for this kid. and the same girl since kindergarten. he is 7, 2nd grade. i fear we have a long road ahead of us....which brings me to something i haven't shared about back to school tears....that will HAVE to be BLOGGED! thanks for reading. love your incredible's photo. go get her. i need that kind of inspiration every day.

Lynn said...

I guess I missed the part about his age...I now change my vote to No mullet ! LOL

This comes from a Grandma with a 5 year old grandson who has a mohawk..I detest it !

Jillene said...

Hahahaha!! That's great!! I love that he was doing it for a girl!!

I did your tag yesterday! Thanks again!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

haha.. poor Elijah though.. lol..

Hope said...

Ah, boys and haircuts. My youngest son had a mullet for my parents 50th anniversary. Lovely. Actually it was a mowhawk and a mullet together.
Could you email me? My email is on my profile page. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Andrea said...

That's so cute that he wanted to grow it out for a girl! I would've made him cut it, too, though. Maybe she'll like it even better now.

in time out said...

thanks everyone, fun to see you enjoy our antics. i am still laughing, just when he is not noticing me laughing about it. my hus thought that renting Joe Dirt would be an appropriate family movie....thank goodness he has me. Once Elijah saw the mullet he himself said, maybe not this year. There is hope.

So does lllmmmbbbooo mean laughing my butt off. took me a while, yes it is all I have been thinking about. If so, does it work?

I need a new exercise routine. Richard Simmons is letting me down, and after buying new bras with my 11 year old last night I am really depressed.

Okay, I could have just blogged this. oh, well.

colleen said...

Speaking as a hairstylist who thinks the mullet went out in the 80's I have to think that the only ones who can pull it off are the kids. But I still cringe if I have to do one. Although I do love a good blue mowhawk anyday it's my 8 yr old son's favorite summer hairdo.


VICKI IN AZ said...

Boys Haircuts? Ughhhh...

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