Saturday, December 20, 2008

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You Know Your Kids Live in a BLOGGER
WORLD when they...

Today CeCe and J
were eating the new
Stacker Stickers,

don't worry,
I don't know what they are either...

She says to me: Mom, Take a Picture...

I look and behold, two beauties have STUCK
these gummie foods
all over their faces...

...brings new light to the ten second rule.

However gross, they were entertained,
and after a few photoshots
from various angles...
...they ate away.

Cece says: I call I get to BLOG THAT FIRST!

She CALLED it.
So, in her world she gets to
BLOG THAT first...

...and in mine, I get to BLOG THIS.

i CALL i get to BLOG
me going to bed FIRST tonight!
TAKE THAT, i say!


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in time out said...

that's nice mom but trust me mine will be better ha ha jk jk

Ce Ce

Erin said...

My five year old has a private blog that grandparents read. Every time he posts, he asks me over and over, "Do I have a comment yet? Do I have a comment yet?" If/when I tell him yes, he runs over to the computer and reads the comment with more inflection than I could EVER muster. He is so cute!

rachel said...

You know you live in a blogger world when your toddler has destroyed something/been completely naughty and instead of dealing with it at once, you snap a picture because it would make the perfect blog post!

Mina said...

My 14 year old daughter who has mental disabilities regularly sends out "posts" via email to her grandparents and friends, often based on whatever I've posted lately. I'm doing the 12 days of Christmas currently, and so is she. I think it's cute and a great way for her to communicate with the folks she loves.

Rick said...

They're getting infectted with blog-ness. Do they have a vaccine for that?

R Max said...

How bad is this?... My children used to finish every sentence with: "Don't you dare blog this mum!"

Now they just avoid me.


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