Saturday, December 13, 2008

Please HELP:

...the Utah Red Cross Needs Donations.

If you have even a little bit it would help.

This morning about midnight,a fire started in one of the Incline Terrace Buildings, which houses a good deal of our church families, some elderly, some young college students. The fire has made it impossible for these people to return home.

Most of them are staying at an LDS Ward building, where I have been most of today, and early morning hours. These people are desperate, and are a testimony of the necessity of having 72 hour kits beside your beds. They were awoken by firefighters evacuating their building, and now, due to water damage, smoke damage, and some total losses, they will not be able to return home for many days, and then only to gather what they can salvage.

I know this story has been on the news. And having talked to the Red Cross people [as they have taken over the church as a disaster site to house the families] they need all our HELP.

This article link above is recent, from ABC news, and gives you details of what you can do to help the Red Cross. The other article link is to the news story, and video.

I feel this is an important reminder to us to be prepared. Anything can happen, at anytime. And also of the importance of helping.

After spending so many hours helping others; driving for perscriptions, the things people can not go without, shoes and coats; and listening, holding hands charred by the fire, drying tears, I have come home and feel urgently to pass along to you all to please be prepared. And please help where you can.

While helping I didn't realize how hungry or weary I had become. Realizing I hadn't eaten, a women who was working in the kitchen made me a sandwich, from the very kitchen I have come to know through serving for many funerals this year.

She in the kitchen, me on the outside this time. As she made me a sandwich, she asked if I needed anything else.

She was so kind. No, I shouldn't need anything, I have my home to go to.

But then, I was talking to another sister about the Sub-for-Santa lists that I have in my pocket to fulfill, and that I was going to head out to do that. This same women comes and says, can I help with those lists. I find out talking to her that her son saw the fire in the middle of the night. He came home and told his mom. She drove from across town to come find something she could do today to help. She didn't have to.

This is not her neighborhood, this is not her church, she is not part of the Red Cross, just someone who cares. She came to serve food, she made me a sandwich.

She made me more than a sandwich. She made me realize that WE ALL CAN HELP. No matter how little we think we have to give, or how much we have to do for ourselves. We can do something.

So, please first, get your 72 hour kits together, be safe, take care of your family, second; check out that article, and find a way to give something to the Red Cross. Watching them in action today, they are amazing, and kind, and if they need something we should give it.

And most important pray; these families can't find their pets, can't get into their homes, and what is left is damaged. Just pray. And pray for the voluteers.

You are all so many different places, and can do such good right where you are. Pass the word along and enjoy finding ways to make a difference in the lives of one or of many.

Merry Christmas.


Boy Mom said...

There is always someone in greater need than we are. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Hope you're feeling better today.

Blog is my Co-Pilot said...

oh, wow! The reality hits so much harder when you have to actually get your hands dirty in it, doesn't it?

Cynthia said...

Wow! What an experience! I'm so sorry for those who have been displaced and disheartened by the fire. Thank you for your kind works and excellent reminder.

Mammamia said...

Wow. I haven't heard anything about this. Thank you for writing about this. What a tragedy and what a great reminder for everyone.

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