Tuesday, December 2, 2008


pLEaSe EXcuSe mUmMEe fOR FaKINg a TaG pOSt


....the proof is in my Christmas cards from last year still haven't been sent.
[which i will be using for this year....the kids haven't changed that much, have they???]

back to the tag:
so....yes, some of you noticed that the tag post SAID and ADVERTISED itself today. it even surprised me [he he he]....i thought i had given myself adequate time to get to it....hmmmm....try three funerals, and finals....yeah.

sadly, NO it is not here...i haven't gotten to it....so, if you came to seem my oddities,....just read along, its all in the fine print.

the tag, from my dear wendyburd, will be posted in the near future....i am such a procrastinator. sorry. i am so intimidated by this tag....[didn't want to admit that]...scaring my OCD to act up....my dog ate it, alright y then, can anyone help me with better excuses.

these don't sound efficient enough, and with my OCD the stress of a good excuse is really putting me out...

I have given myself until the 12th of December....by then you all will have done it, and i will have no one to tag....hmmmm...

okay, give me your best excuses:

winner gets to be highlighted on the top of my blog for the rest of the week...but you all have to help me vote!
Bring it on....may the best blogger excuse win!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey Woman! I got your message! I am in :) How sweet of you and how fun! Send me an e-mail so we can get it set up! Talk to you soon! ♥ Hugs!
:) Shauna

Jillene said...

How funny!! I did this tag a while back but I guess you could use the excuse that the dog ate it!!

clan of the cave hair said...

my hamster ate my hardrive.

Erin said...

The dog hit "publish" before I was ready.

Redhoodoos said...

Weird! I love every single movie you listed on your profile. The actresses are also my faves.

Mammamia said...

lol. I used to be so good at excuses. I could get out of anything. Now I'm struggling, hmmm.

Maybe your internet keeps blinking and every time you try to write the post it gets erased when the internet blinks out??

Or maybe you just don't want to yet. Sometimes the truth works the best.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

you are too funny! I did this tag. It took me a while to do it too.
I wish I could think of something for your excuse. If I think of it, I'll come back!

devri said...

GIrl I like this tag.. too bad I am too busy, could you come to my blog and just do it for me.. Please.

Amysplash said...

hi there how nice of you to stop by i am doing kinda soso right now thanks so much for careing to ask that means alot to me

big hugs amy

Lynn said...

Funny !

I guess you could say I have been there too...the cat took a nap on the keyboard !

Miss Anne said...

What?? I've been much too busy doing "good deeds" for others, decorating the house, baking festive goodies, and/or sipping mocha's by the fire...

but!!! i WILL get to it... dont lose faith! :)

...How's that?... sweet blog btw!

(the mullet post cracked me UP!)

bfs said...

I'm still learning how to type!!!

Erin said...

Hey, I was going to e-mail you, and then I realized your profile doesn't have an e-mail address. So this is what I wrote:

The Honest Scrap tag you gave me is already set to be posted on Friday! Thank you!

And I love how you say I am good at writing. I have always felt like I am not good, so it is very kind of you to say you like it anyway.

Kay Dennison said...

Well gee, why not just say that you were all stressed out with no one to choke? It always works for me. (It also gets me some weird looks and some alone time. LOL)

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