Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Date Night!

Hooray for date night. I love Wednesdays!!! Mr. B and I have been so spoiled this for the past few years; thanks to family who will take our children.

Every Wednesday, rain or shine, we look forward to the kids having a sleepover at aunt and uncles house. We are able to consistently spend an entire evening and morning together, without the chaos of morning routines, and rides to school. It is seriously a dream and quite amazing.

Not that we don't love and enjoy the children, just that we so much more enjoy them because every week we are able to laugh, play and linger with one another; renewing the love that created this beautiful family.

I think that having the one on one time during this very critical time of raising a family is possibly the blessing that I am most grateful for. Because!!!!...each week I get to patiently look forward to one evening focused completely on my Mr. B. He and I both, during challenging events, can just breathe, and remember that this too will pass.

We get a good nights rest, and know that the kids are happy as well. Our entire family is renewed.

And my Sister-in-law is great to compliment me each week on how much work it is to get the kids up, going, and out for the day. She reinforces that it is not an easy job; and not for wimps. Being a mother, and attending to these little spirits is possibly the most challenging career I could ever choose. (And I am on my way to Law school; easy compared to motherhood.)

So all you mom's out there, give yourself a pat on the bag, and a break when you get to feeling so frustrated. It is a hard job; and yet so rewarding. I can find myself crying all week from time to time; and yet knowing that my kids are my rainbows, my promise that all is well.

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