Tuesday, May 3, 2011

APP: caN'ts a woRd fOr qUittERs

YEP! and i quit.....seriously!

pAin with a capital AAA!!! APP!

this past sundAy C-14 asked me to join her for an i-pod workout called "hurricane".... being SuNdAy i figured it would be somewhat like a sunday drive.
NOT... it was more like just this side of heck and a torture chamber.

i was watching her ability to do all the squats and crunches and who knows what they called the moves, i was in way too much pain to even care.

all i know is that you can make it look like you are doing the workout if you keep a keen eye on the other person and quickly move when they look your way.

since i had been sitting in a chair at the dining room table for a week studying for finals i figured a little workout, some stretching, getting my heart...to beat...would be helpful....again, NOT!!!

I barely crawled up the four flights of stairs to take my final bright and early MoNdAy morning!
a classmate asked me if i was okay,
i can only imagine
what she was thinking
happened to me.....

i replied back...
"oh, i got my butt kicked

by a 14 year old
and some i-pod app
called a "hurricane"!!!

Seriously, the muscles we worked out didn't even exist back in the 80's....or maybe the problem is I haven't really worked them since the 80's.

either way, i still can't walk very well, and sitting is not an option because i am completely unable to stand up without help. I feel like I need a walker to safely go to the bathroom [TMI???]

in the future I will avoid anything that sounds similar to a destructive weather pattern...i forecast that i will most certainly take a sUndAy drive rather than a little light workout.
...and truly I QUIT.....
CANT...is my word for today!!!!!!

interestingly a while back i blogged about same daughter telling me that she was
"she had an APP for it!!!!"

if it works to learn the piano as well as her little APP worked my butt...then I say way to go i-pod!!!!
is there nothing you can't APP these days???


LeShel said...

hilarious post, not hilarious pain though.

Jared said...

:) Oh the joys of working out. What app did she use? I'm sorry about all the pain. It is tough! My butt is kicked when I go running and I can barely survive a 30 min run. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the 1/2 marathon (almost 3 hours of running). I feel your pain.

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