Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Mutterings

Hey friends. I am back, and yes, some fun pictures from my trip. It was fun.
I wish we could have a bloggers conference somewhere, and meet each other, and have some down time together....doesn't that sound fabulous.
Hmmmm. What a blast we would have!!!

So, I am in class....oopsie.....and I am muttering, or mumbling....whatever that Monday's post promised. I am really tired. Finals week.
Are any of you in finals this week or next?

So much to juggle, and try to keep my family happy. AND ME HAPPY.

I am stressing. My boy is being baptized Saturday....9 am. It is pretty exciting, however I don't have much control over the day....I haven't heard if we are to do anything for the program, or if there are other kids being baptized, it just seems strange. Usually I know more by this time. I am barely even getting around to inviting family. And my son wants to have everyone over for breakfast....yikes. That means I have to clean house, and prepare food. Two of my least on the list items right now. We are just getting by....

So, there you have my mumblings....Actually I haven't got much to mumble about.
More to be grateful for than anything else. My stresses are not serious, just the kind of things that cause me personal anxiety, but all is well.

My kids are doing well.
They don't like me much these days, at least the older ones. I feel like an eel. .....

We are safe and fed and together...healthy...

How are you doing?


Jillene said...

Glad you are back.

No finals for me.

YEAH on the Baptism.

Glad you are doing good.

LeShel said...

Glad you had a safe touchdown. Enjoyed your mutterings/mumblings. So real, just the way life feels.
Hope you can pull through finals and organize all the plans and juggle all the balls. Good luck.

Terresa said...

yeah, I hear ya. my oldest daughter gets baptized this coming Nov. & i'm already stressing that, too. At least your son's is way sooner, equally less stress time i hope!

love the travel picts -- such beautiful flowers (I'm a desert dweller and anything floral and lush is like, ooooh, wow, is that *ReAl??**

PS: I think I found you on Mormon Mommy blogs but I could be confused, probably due to too much chocolate today, as usual. ;)

That Girl in Brazil said...

Wish I could help ya.

Tip for easy peesy company breakfast (not that you asked, but I thought I'd offer.)

Cut French bread in 1" slices. Place in a casserole pan all lined up. In a seperate bowl, mix enough eggs, milk, vanilla and cinnamon to cover all the bread. Cover in foil and let sit all night in the fridge. The next morning - pop in the oven for half and hour and serve with maple syrup and sausage!

Sooooooooo yummy. And easy, which is most important.

suzie said...

I have heard that if your teenagers don't like you then you are doing something right...which I already know you are!

suzie said...

oh BTW,
good luck with...

Andrea said...

That *is* a lot to juggle. But you can do it. And YAY for the baptism, that's always exciting.

Heatherlyn said...

Yes, be grateful for small anxieties. The real things we worry about are very comforting when we know that someway somehow they really will work themselves out! It will be a good week for you. Baptisms are such nice events (especially if no ex spouse will be there).

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

very nice update, my daughter gets baptized in June, breakfast sounds like a great Idea!! I think I'll steal it... cereal and milk.. lol..


Wendyburd1 said...

Congrats on the baptism!!

Shawn said...

I'm doing ok, thanks. No migraines this week, so thats cool!

Glad you are getting back into the swing of things---ahhh, life.

congrats on the baptism---they are so cute all in white....

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