Wednesday, April 1, 2009 Eternity and Beyond!

"Let me tell you
some mysteries

about my
mom and dad!"

This interview my cousin did with her daughter, it was SO cute and SO classical.

I loved it, make a short story long, I couldn't do it in one take.

So, for fun...I am going to give you the answers in an extended version of

Mr. B
because he makes everything so much more funnier.

Picture this...oh wait...I actually have a picture [or few ] of this.

Sunday Dinner...She is so disgusted with her brother...

...making the individual Hawaiian pizzas!
G is making a Dutch Oven Dessert,..
thank you Scouting!!!

setting the table, so carefully


1. What is something MOM always says to you?

Mr. B. [old]: I have a headache. [funny dear.]

G [14]: No.

Cece [12]: Go to your room.

S [10]: Have a happy day, Do you best, your best will do, See ya later alligator...crocodile, give a hug lady bug, be sweet parakeet, so long king al.

J [7...almost 8]: I love you, Can we snuggle?

[these are the answers....unedited and raw!!! I see a pattern in parenting...teenagers and me being new at this. Yes, I learned something...and I am thankful.]

MR B.... What is something DAD always says to you?

Me: I love you.

G : Do I need to find you something to do?

Cece : Don't talk baby talk, Will you play the piano for me?

S: Do I need to find a home for that.

J : "Leave it downstairs" Don't Touch" and "Lovely"

okay...he is only seven...he gets more than one answer...

Me:"he's the baby"
G: "He acts like one!"

What does G say most?

Mom: Can I go hang out with my friends?

Mr. B: My homework is done....????

Cece: You're a brat.

S: Go get me a drink of water, go throw this away...

j: Get out of here, what do you want.

OKAY OKAY...we were laughing our heads off....imagine, G hearing what his siblings hear most from him.

What does CECE say most?

Mom: When can we go to the temple again, and, Come tuck me in. Can we have a sleepover soon. [mom and daughter the fridge and cupboards and watch a movie, hers or my room...kicking Mr. B to the couch.]

Mr. B: When can I go to work with you again.

G: STOP!!!!!!

S: Get out of my room.
[he answered this
while J was in the bathroom,
when he came out I asked him and...]

J: Get out of my room. [TWINNERS]

What does S say most?

Mom: Can you fall asleep by me tonight?

Mr. B: I haven't had dinner yet. and Dad, WAIT, I want to give you a hug.

G: Do you want to play with me?

Cece: Want to play catch with me down on the islands?

J: I'm going to thrown that away if you don't pick it up.

What does J say most?

Mom: Can we snuggle? "I want you to play this game with me." the video...

Mr. B: I didn't do it. It was S, It wasn't me.

G: Catch a proud, I'll be trout of you....[say that a few times...]

Cece: Can I play with your pet shops with you? Can I play your Nintendo?

S: Well, S, you always get to choose, it's my turn.

Hopefully the rest of the interviewing wont take so long, but if it does, all I can say is it is TIME WELL SPENT, the comic, laughing myself to tears, to all be around the table, telling tales, reminiscing, and joyfully enjoying one another is worth all the time it Eternity and Beyond!!!'s blurry, kids this age WONT stand
still for a picture with mom very often...
BUT I GOT IT, and a HUG. Yeah me!


Heatherlyn said...

So fun! I love what your kids say that their Dad always says! It's so daddish! What a neat idea to ask the question about everyone in the family. I bet your kids are having a good time with this!

Shauna said...

Awesome! I l♥ve the pictures! You are such a fun mom and friend!
♥ Hugs ♥

LeShel said...

I love how you asked each of the kids the questions about their siblings. Way too fun.

WV: abiltski: the ability to ski

suzie said...

That was hilarious, I cannot wait for the rest of the interview. Each child/kid/teenager has such a unique personality. I love them all so very much, oh and you too!

Wendyburd1 said...

That was so cute!! And that dinner looked FUN!!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute!!!!!!!!!i'm gonna have to do this!

suzie said...

I miss you!!!

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