Thursday, January 27, 2011

how to brush up on your driving

i am always looking for a good "how to"

This one is brought to you
by three BACKSEAT drivers
currently taking DRIVERS ED
at the local high school.

Me driving....

Me taking a left turn, briskly... because I want to turn before the oncoming car...who has time for signals.

Them....previously oblivious to my existence
other than the convenience of chauffeuring
them two block from
said local high school
front and center
to our refrigerator.

Quote: [all talking at the same time] that was illegal, you didn't use a turn signal, you are suppose to use a turn signal xxxxx distance from the turn and xxxxx seconds before you turn, which signal lets other motorists know of your intentions to turn, you can get in a lot of trouble for that, and you turned when the oncoming car was not of a safe distance. and by the way you didn't signal at the last turn either and you didn't stop for the right amount of time. if there was a police person you would be in time out for that. you can lose your license and have to take drivers school. don't you know the rules?

Me...nose rubbed sufficiently in my mistake.
they are paying attention....maybe
they will be a few of
the "safe" drivers
soon to be practicing
on a road near you.]


Boy Mom said...

Hilarious, went through the same thing with my first three, starting on #4 sigh!

Shadow said...

oh man, this is still waiting for me, heee heeee heeeee

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Good luck with that! I love your posts - - great pics and funny stories. I have never seen a baby porcupine. Who knew they could be so cute?!

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