Friday, January 28, 2011

man-boy don't need instructions, take 2

it seems i have blogged here before. hmmmm

Tuesday night driving C-14 to piano she tells me a NEW story about boys and men and instructions...i have to share.

C-14 is now a TA for the Phys Ed teacher at her school.
She takes dance so this experience with the Physical Education teacher that G-16 absolutely adored...abhorred...uh, which was it?
Sorry ...cant remember, but you can probably guess.

Anyhow she is TAing for her and having random experiences.

There is another boy who also TA with her. Her assignments are anything from carrying a pencil around and taking notes of things, to carrying a pencil so when said teacher gets to said destination she can sign something.


Tuesday she was assigned to put together a desk chair. One of those fancy desk chairs with a levy to pull and move up and down...and a twisty function.

Moving on...there were TWO of these chairs,
and conveniently TWO TA's.

Of course as it is with boys and girls I smell a competition.

C-14 says something like,
"bet i can finish my chair first"
to which boy TA responds,
"i can do mine without instructions...." ! don't need instructions.

So they each proceed to make their chairs.
C-14 reading the instructions.
Man-boy NOT.

They finish at the same time. WALAAAA!

C-14 says something to the effect of
'okay...but whose actually works.' [loosely quoted.]

Boy sits in her chair....pulls the lever...wheeeee goes UP and DOWN. SPINS, it TWIRLS.

C-14 sits in MAN-BOY TA don't NEED inSTruCtiOns chair.

the back falls off
i think we can forget the up and down feature
and "what twisty function?"

"KAPOW! Can you say INSTRUCTIONS?!!!"


Cynthia said...

Gotta love the male need to eschew the instructions! LOL! Good for C-14!

s & a said...

I love this story! thanks for sharing. I can just her C-14's voice telling it. You should proud of the awesome girl she is.

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