Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who needs Bookclubs???

My oldest son had some Honors English homework to do over the summer. He procrastinated, but the outcome was amazing. He is so like me when it comes to putting things off, yet he is so much better at pulling it off.

He had a few books that he had to read, essays and projects that he had to do and turn in the first day of class.

This one really blew my mind and tugged at my heart. I am quite convinced that teenagers are moody because they are required to read such SAD books.

One of the books he read was Sunrise Over Fallujah.

I wont summarize the book,

...his project

[Postcards he wrote and illustrated


one character, Robin,

to another, Uncle Richie]

should give you the best of its work:

FYI: There are 10 postcards in the series...I will post one each day for 10 days...ENJOY!

Dear Uncle Richie,

I remember the postcards I got from you and my dad and how you said that you were nervous and jumpy, my sentiments exactly. We’re not in Iraq yet but it’s like back when I got measles back in New Jersey. I wouldn’t change sitting around back home for the adventures I’m going to have. Camp Doha in Kuwait is great. We actually eat on plates instead of trays, like in Jersey. I miss you all, tell mom and dad I say hello.



to be continued...


Heatherlyn said...

I know what Fallujah is. So I know it will be sad. :(

Mamma Christine said...

I don't know anything about the book, but I love the post card. How are you btw? Women Doing More got a little overwhelming so I took an extended break, but I'm back. I hope you're well! :)

Jillene said...

I too know what Fallujah is--so sad but I love the post card thing. I look forward to the rest of them!!

in time out said...

Yes, very sad...I was heartsick that he had read the book, but it is life and war and real.

Mamma Christine...glad you are back, can't wait to check out the new do's.

The postcard thing is really a fun way to do a project with kids and books, especially books with journeys. He did the artwork with torn paper, something that I had to do in my college art class. They are fun. See if you can tell what the art is portraying from the postcards...very abstract.

Thanks everyone. I have been out for too long. Have missed blogging...

in time out said...

Heather...Jillene...I was writing to you both here as well. I think you can tell...Sorry, I should have addressed you. Thanks for reading!!!

in time out said...

oopsie...Heatherlyn. Now I am really bad at this blogging/comment thing...been TOO long!

Joy For Your Journey said...

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VICKI IN AZ said...

This is a beautiful way to have a book project. His Torn Art is great.
Now I want to read the book.

Motherboard said...

what an excellent idea! We have to do creative book reports this year... i think i shall be copying!

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