Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Fire the ho!"

Talking Sunday Night Movie memories as a family around the dinner table tonight we were reminded of some of the not so appropriate choices that we have mistakenly exposed our children to.

For instance, the first Transformers movie to which our 6 year old spouted in complete horror during the first 15 minutes of the movie "it's rated P-13, that means parents are suppose to know better."

Needless to say I spent the rest of that movie in another room with my 6 year old watching Monster's Inc.

Then there was the time when my husband was told that a movie would be perfect for his family to watch. A woman at his work raved and raved about it and told him for sure it was a good one for the next family night movie. Husband has rarely been in charge of the Family Night Movie choices since this one.

The title alone should explain: Slumdog Millionaire. About a half hour into the movie our 12 year old daughter was in tears, her older brother was beyond horrified and the other two I might not blog because DFS would want our address.

I looked [GLARED] over at Husband and said, "Um, what is the rating on this."
He didn't know.
It was rated R....HELLO!

Who doesn't check that stuff?

Anyhow, dinner this evening found us reminiscing on the fascinating choices over the years, the laughs, the tears, the follies, the fun.

Quotes were flying around, laughter and some hilariously fun memories when our then six year old, now 8, quotes: "Fire the ho!" At the top of his lungs.

Our reaction: first silence.

Then I looked, [GLARED], at Husband and said, "what brilliant movie choice of yours is that from?"

"Fire the ho!, Fire the ho!" 8 year old is chanting.

Fifteen year old son is laughing hysterically, 10 year old son is sort of chuckling between glances of his brother and the eye conversation I am having with his dad. Sister, age 12, pipes in, "What movie is that from?"

I am now openly asking my husband to fess up,
"Was it a movie when I was out of town???, taking a nap??? What? When?"

He looks so innocent asking, "Buddy what movie are you talking about?

To which my son says,
"Over the Hedge.
When she saved it up all winter and came out and said, 'Fire the ho!".

Okay, so NOW the laughter has spread to hysteria's between those of us who know what he was saying when he meant to be saying "Fire in the hole."

Which follows my husband trying to explain that he should say "Fire in the ho, not fire the ho."

His explanation. "Fire in the hole is some trapped air. Fire the ho is when a woman is released from her previous responsibilities. And in the future you should really refrain from EVER saying Fire the ho."

To that my dear 8 year old responds, " I should probably head to the bathroom, I need to fire the ho!"

I myself am hoping that the next time I head out of town, released from my responsibilities for a weekend, that my son doesn't get smart and tell his teachers,
"My dad fired the ho for the week."


Annette Lyon said...

Hahahahhaaa! Oh, now that's just priceless.

Shadow said...

top marks!

LeShel said...

gotta love those kids

Heatherlyn said...

Oh, that is too too funny!

And, our poor little kid eeked through some edits of the first transformers movie but was very disappoined after mom and dad previewed the 2nd one and decided NO kids were going to watch that one. Ever. Why do they market movies to kids and then make them basically rated R?

suzie said...

Oh my gosh, too funny!
BTW, I thought that Ho was something Santa always said three times in a row... ;)

Boy Mom said...

So funny! my 8 year old has come up with some funny ones too lately!

R Max said...

And I thought that movie was safe! I won't be watching any movies that talk about hos or fire or holes. Just to be on the safe side.

Anonymous said...

Great story, I love it when kids misquote things!

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