Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wAy-bAck whEnDsdAy - happy birthdy LUCKY Lucy!

See her Lucky Clover neckercheif ☺

We got our kitty
Lew Lew
about 7 ish...years ago.

I wanted another baby,
instead Mr. B got me a kitty!

We adopted her around St. Patrick's Day
and have since celebrated her
Birthday on St. Paddys Day!

She is a bit spoiled,

[will only drink fresh water
from the faucet...]

and purely sweet.

For her Birthday celebration
she gets a bowl of milk
with Temptation treats!


That's about as GOOD as it gets!


CaJoh said...

Our dog is very much the same way. He likes to drink out of the faucet. We know that he's thirsty because you can hear him lapping away at the faucet of the tub and making a crazy racket.

Happy Birthday Lucky!

Cheryl Lage said...

Look at adorable Lucky! A PERFECT name for a St. Patty's Day kitty!

Happy Birthday to her..and sweet celebration to you!

Thanks so much for playing along!

in time out said...

i LOVE the tongue....and the wink! That must have been some TREAT!

brian b. said...

she is not a spoiled kitty, just has you well trained.
What a pretty kitty!

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