Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I got a B!

Yep...exclamation point B.

...did i mention FINALS are over....?

I have been checking my grades everyday for a week now. This class that I barely got through...nearly failed the final...submitted my paper +1 minute later than the on-line-deadline, went into with an A....and ended with a B...exclamation point!

What is a B to me today?'s a reminder:

B happy.
B patient.
B thankful.
B cheerful.

B more.
B aware.
B sensitive.
B thoughtful.

B giving.

B content.

B willing.
B thrifty.
B productive.

B friend.

And my FAVORITE B! has been too long since I wrote the legends of Mr. B.

Here is a link to
Check it out!
I did and it was a good reminder.

today....i am okay with a B!
(and love...with Mr. B!)

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