Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I started blogging?

Flashback to the beginning! Why I blog!?!!?

I had forgotten why I started blogging.  I read a church acquaintance friends blog tonight and one of her posts asked why others blog.  I had some thoughts...but really had to go back to my find the answer.  Deeper than that, when I read those posts from 2006 and realized I feel some of the same things now and a LOT of gratitude for a bit of growth those experiences brought it answers the question, makes me thankful I blogged, and begs another:  Why don't I blog MORE now???

I blogged then because if I didn't life would've been a blur...I would forget my kids were little once...I would be so caught up in the now that I would have little ability to remember the then.

Both moments, the now and then, bring a level of chaos that are very difficult for me to really imagine I survived ...or will survive...but when I look back to then and see that I have gotten to now I realize -- this too shall pass, and I will miss it.

I miss my littles (then) -- trying (now) to raise my bigs.  And yet....aren't my kids still little?
At 18, 16, 14, and 11...they still feel like my babies to me.

A lot has changed and, bluntly, so many things recently have hurt so much that I haven't been on the blog roll.  Afraid of shedding light to our

I kind of avoid journaling all together hoping that this part of life will not be too present in my future.

I keep waiting for a miracle to change some of the events that have happened...but God has His own timing and I am beginning to trust it a little more.  I feel like it is going to be best if I focus forward and celebrate the amazing parts of now.

Even amidst the darkness of our challenges there is an amazing light and some wonderful moments.  Those are the things I need to ponder, to journal, to express.

I think I am done waiting for some magic balm to make right the wrongs.  We are here and I need to leave a little footprint of now to look back upon.

We will not just survive this...we will thrive.

I remember the past having plenty of frustrations, and as I read my journal entries I am thankful to see the process of my strengths and growth through reading some pieces of that past.

The question begged "why don't I blog more now?" and is because I have been afraid to share me now.  So much has changed....maybe it is time for me to step back into the light!

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Christopher Johnson said...

Good to know that some of us "long-timer's" still blog from time to time. For me at least, I know that a lot of the big topics I wanted to share have already been shared, and the others I don't have the motivation to finish.
Wishing you the best of skill in stepping back into the light and sharing the adventure that is your life.

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