Friday, September 19, 2008

Mary Poppins Tao

Okay, awake and remembering what "seeds" were planted in me yesterday.

The tao was to wake up with a better "attitude". I woke up with a sweet husband, memories of our evening together. The very loud Homecoming party the University was having.

Boys waking up at 930 because the music was blaring so loud. J-7 wanted us to tell the party to go to bed. Instead, we shut the windows, and turned on some music for them in their room. I woke up to their music still playing. Be still, my soul....

Okay, why the Mary Poppins. As I was doing the dishes this morning, (the dishes I wouldn't let Mr. B finish last night because I wanted to take a walk with him up to the Homecoming party...the blaring music...and just enjoy the evening and his company), dot, dot...

Mary our kitchen (where I was doing dishes) my kids have posted the song from the movie, with a plea to us, Mom and Dad. It goes:

If you want this choice position,
have a cheery disposition,
Rosy cheeks, no warts!
Play games, all sort
You must be kind, you must be witty
Very sweet and fairly pretty
Take us on outings, give us treats
Sing songs, bring sweets
Never be cross or cruel
Never give us castor oil or gruel
Love us as a son and daughter
And never smell of barley water
If you won't scold and dominate us
We will never give you cause to hate us
We won't hide your spectacles
So you can't see Put toads in your bed
Or pepper in your tea
Hurry, Mommy! Many thanks
Sincerely, the kids!

Okay, so that sums it up. I am humming this in my head this morning, hoping for a better day with myself. Never be cross or cruel....if you wont scold and dominate us...

I will be nice, I will be patient, I will filter the things that are in my head before my mouth reveals my weaknesses. I am the mother.

Although I frequently remind my kids that they had the choice to come to me, and they knew very well what they were getting themselves into. They must know something I don't.

Ready to learn, ready to nurture the seeds that I have within me.

'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain'

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