Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How's My Smile?

Why does picture day make you feel like you need to take out a second mortgage?
How fun was our morning, getting 4 kids out the door, with shiny faces and combed hair.
Okay, it doesn't sound that hard, try it sometime.

Breakfast conversation is always hilarious:

J-7: How's my smile?
S-9: Fine.
J-7: I don't want it going all the way up to my eyes. How's it now?
S-9: Fine.

Me: Make sure you smile, no grumpy looks or I will be crying in your future. You will call me up and I will be bawling my eyes out. If you ask I will tell you it is because you didn't smile in your school picture and all I have are frowny faces to remember you by.

Cece probably changed her clothing half a dozen times.

G-13; patiently giving her advice on her clothing.
Being in Junior High make him the resident expert on style these days.

And with the choices in background color that the school gives you now, coordinating colors is critical. The final change brought tears to my eyes, because instead of a little girl, she presented herself, asking, "is this okay?" looking like a teenager. I am not ready for this.

Hair combed, kids almost out the door, where is J?

Finding him in the dog kennel, for Baxter's last morning love; his hair is array, his smile is huge. Hair or smiles, I have to decide!

Next thing I notice is S in the entry mirror practicing his smile.
"Mom, how can I get my best smile?"

I hug him from behind, "Smile just like when you feel me hugging you, that my favorite."

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