Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Parents Tao Te Ching - Book Review

Excellent Book - Five Stars

A couple of excerpts from the book:

As They Are

When you are with your children
be one with them.
Let every part of your body relax
and become as supple as your child's,
Allow all expectations and anxieties to melt away
so that you can see clearly.
Love them as they are
in this very moment,
without needing to change a thing.

When their lives are filled with trouble
allow events to unfold
without pushing or straining,
and you will understand clearly
what your role should be.

You nourish them without posessing them.
You guide them without controlling them.
You help them without worrying.

Being with your children can be like meditating.
When you are with your child next,
forget the past,
forget the future,
and let your mind and heart come
to be where your body is.

Can you make room?

If you fill every waking moment
of your children's lives
they will have no room
to be themselves
If you push them constantly
they will break.
If you burden them with an abundance
of material toys
their hearts will contract in possessiveness.
If you always try to please them
you will be their prisoner,
not their parent.

Don't strive or strain.
Do your work, then rest.
Your children will learn serenity.

Are your children problems to be solved,
or people to be loved.
Consider current problems with your children.
Can you create a space,
free from your own anxieties,
in which they are able to find their own way,
feeling your love,
but not your expectations?

by William Martin

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