Friday, May 1, 2009

"Is that your Baptism Coat???"

First: Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and prayers on behalf of my brother in law's grandson. He woke up, he is doing much better. He will have to go home to complete CAUTION and not jar his head for quite a bit of time. They say it was quite miraculous that he wasn't paralized or brain damaged further. He is still trying to recall what happened. But doing better. The family thanks us for the prayers that quite certainly pulled him and them through this. Thank you!!!

Just to clarify, YES, son #4 did leave the house this way, but how am I suppose to notice things like this so early in the morning. I am good if I get them fed, homework in bags, teeth brushed, hair combed - optional-

...So , after school I take a look at the little gangster that is wandering over to my car...I think, I wonder who that is. On closer inspection of course I noticed that he was mine!!!

No problem. We have MANY suit coats...he looked a little cute.He gets home and I ask him to put his things in his room. I follow him in and he is hanging his coat up.

"Is that your suit for your Baptism Day????"
"Yes, I wanted to show my friends what I would be wearing...."
Okay, so the only thing I am worried about now is:
Do the shorts go with his coat....TOMORROW. We will see.


Boy Mom said...

That is the cutest thing ever! What a darling little gangsta. I have a boy getting baptized the first Saturday in June. Good times!

Heatherlyn said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! And he did look pretty styling. :)

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Shawn said...

Oh, he is so adorable! And don't they do the cutest things? I just love those little boys. (mine is 9 and equally precocious!)

susette said...

Well it's so great that he is excited about being baptized, and showing off his cool new jacket.

KC Mom said...

He's soooo cute! I think it's great that he wants to show his baptism coat!!

Shadow said...

your kids are the best!

Devri said...

I love to let them wear what evah when they stay home, but out of the house I am a freak that way!

He is a doll, and so cute he wanted to show off his baptism coat! And I am glad your prayers were answered!

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