Monday, May 11, 2009

Makes My Monday

okay, okay, i have been loathing
around the house today,

and decided to check in on my blogroll,
it has been AGES,
and if you think
that I have stopped coming by your site,
I haven't come by any for a long time,

[i am sorry, i miss you]

between traveling,
the baptism,
finals for me,
helping my kids with their homework

[the last one - homework- is new to me,

i got some WORDS thrown my way,
that pretty much told me that

I wasn't cutting it as a mother,
when it comes to my kids study habits,

hey, in my defense I thought
they learned
enough in school,

they have my kids for
7 hours every day
they haven't taught them
during that time
isn't my problem.

I only get them for four hours
a night
before bedtime;

time that I don't feel
should be wasted
MORE school work.

scary huh!]...poor kids.

So, what Makes My Monday....

hmmmm, let me think:

okay, here goes...

my niece, my daughter, my youngest two sons...

and My oldest...makes my day as well...
he opted out of the dandelion
photo opportunity,

regretfully, when he heard
about all the fun we had...

I love dandelions,
I love my kids,
I don't love that they both grow like weeds...

have a happy monday!


Mama Zen said...

I know exactly what you mean about the homework. Mine is in kindergarten, and she has homework everyday. Isn't that crazy?

susette said...

You have a fabulous Monday yourself. School for you huH? That is so awesome. Good for you.

Erin said...

Cute picture with all of the dandelions. My kids grow like weeds too!

At least school is almost out, right?

suzie said...

No, you have a happy Monday!

monica said...

Oh I so not looking forward to homework...I totally agree with you on the homework thing! Great picture and hope you had a great mother's day. Stopping in from Cheryl's MMM.

Jillene said...

My kids grow like weeds too. SO sad!! )0:

Cheryl Lage said...

This is such a poetic post! That picture and your words are just wonderful...that you've played along this week, so thoughtfully, Makes My Monday!

Thanks! (and I wish the weed-like growth would slow a bit too!)

Heatherlyn said...

Hey, I'm right with you. I totally agree that if the kids are in school for 6-7 hours why aren't they learning? Why do they have to come home and have hours worth of reinforcement? If I spent 1 hour a day on any given subject I would be an expert by the end of a few months. Really. Oh, wait, homeschoolers complete the same curriculum in about 3-4 hours a day. So that most of the time is wasted in classroom management and social stuff. And whoever decided that a bookmobile or a diorama was a good way to give a book report? Who? Add to that, I feel like I ALREADY did school. I'm DONE doing school. Do I really have to do it again? 5 times? I resent this.

So, I feel your pain. Really, I do. And you are a good Mom for enduring all the school work help that your kids need!!!

And, I guess, when we, as mothers, spend time helping our kids with their school work that really is time spent with them. Sometimes even one-on-one. I think that means a lot to the kids. I have lots of memories of my parents helping me with school projects. Until I got into high school and then I worked independently. That’s the goal, right?

Shadow said...

aaaaargh! homework. i so agree with your sentiments on it. feels like i'm in school all over again some days...

KC Mom said...

So you're in school too!! Great job!
I love dandelions too. :)

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