Monday, June 15, 2009

Laker Love ♥

Congrats to the LAKERS.....

Listening to the commentary last night
I heard something that I immediately
wrote on a slip of paper.

Talking about Kobe and the challenges
of going from the top,
to the bottom,
and back up again...

One of the commentators said:

"What you go through
is transportation to what
you're going to."

This was such an amazing thought.

This post is not so much about the Lakers winning,
while I am celebrating with many great fans

It is about what we all go get to what
we are going to....

Our lives transportation....

struggles, frustrations, loss
all brings us to our championships!!!

May you have hope and strength
in all you are going through
in transport to what you are going to!!!


Jillene said...

While I have NO love for the Lakers I will say that the comment made by the commentator is pretty profound.

Lynn said...

I for one am glad it's over...and they won even though I'm a Celtics fan ( once a Bostonian, always a Bostonian ) The boys in our family are all smiles and that's better than sad faces for weeks !

Devri said...

great post!

Shadow said...

what a statement! gotta love it. it's deeper meaning. so true!!!

Heatherlyn said...

So true. You are the first person to actually pull something inspirational out of all this basketball stuff!

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