Saturday, October 18, 2008

Looking for my Phone

Saturday morning, trying to get out the door quickly to take a test that is due before midnight, to get back home in time for G's football game, a trip to the mall with Cece for a birthday gift, then off to take her to the party, visit Grandpa and Grandma, and home to prepare the Relief Society lesson for tomorrow, plus find time with the boys to write their talks for the primary program, chores and clothes ready for Sunday; marathon Saturday morning.

Who has time to look for a cell phone?

I keep going from room to room, events of yesterday, conversations had. Thinking, oh where, oh where could it be?

Asking Mr. B, G, Cece, no avail. Checking downstairs with the boys and the conversation goes like this:

Me: Anyone seen my cell phone?
S: Check behind the toilet.
Me: Yeah, right. Seriously, did one of you use it?
S: I bet Cece put it behind the toilet?
Me: Cece huh?
S: Yeah, I bet Cece did it.
J: Go look, Mom, I bet it is there.
Me: Okay.

Me to Mr. B: The boys think my phone is behind the toilet, Cece did it.
Fred: (laughing)
Me to Cece: Have you seen my phone?
(She is washing her hair leaning over the tub.)
Cece: No.
Me: The boys said you put it behind the toilet.
Cece: Well, that is where it is.
(As she looks from upside down.)
Me: Seriously.
Cece: Yep, with the boys army men, chains and bouncy balls.

There sits my phone, right where cece put it!
What do you do with monkeys!

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