Monday, October 13, 2008

Because of the fatness

S-9 was asked to give the talk at the baptism for Adam on the Holy Ghost, which he is still not sure he would like to do, and has plenty of other ideas. I told him to pray about it. He said, no, that's okay, let's just ask Sister D. to give the talk.

I told him that when I was called to be primary president that I said "no" and the bishop told me to pray about it. What if I hadn't done that? Think of all the years I was in primary because I prayed and decided it was right to serve.

To which the following conversation:

J-7: About three years.
Me: No more like 11.
J-7: You were in primary when I was born?!!!
Me: Yes.
J-7: That must have been embarrassing.
Me: Why would it be embarrassing?
J-7: "because of the fatness."

Need I say more!

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on marriage

'Will you, um, marry me?' I haven't seen you in weeks! You don't look happy or excited about the prospect of our marriage! You're asking me to give up my - my freedom, my joie de vivre for an institution that fails as often as it succeeds? And why should I marry you anyway? I mean, why do you wanna marry me? Besides some bourgeois desire to fulfill an ideal that society embeds in us from an early age to promote a consumer capitalist agenda?