Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stop Whining

I thought this was hilarious. I am currently taking a computer class to learn the new 2007 version of Microsoft Office; which my kids are WAY better at than me. (Yes, I do ask them for help with my homework!)

I am laughing hysterically at the email my professor sent this morning. He must have had it with the 100 students plus that he is governing, and all the excuses.

Being a mom I am obviously familiar with complaints and excuses (most often my own doing).

His decision is to say:
IF there is no more whining and complaining, you can take advantage of his "No Complaining Make-up Day". If you complain, you don't get to take advantage of it.

Just what we need more of in today's society:
In our lives everyone has problems that come up that we have no control over. We must solve these problems the best we can and go on. I find myself caught in a dilemma with students that want to use the problem(s) to get more time on an assignment or test. When should I give more time and when should I not? How do I know if there is a lie involved? Is every student telling an untruth or a exaggeration in order to get some advantage over the other students? Is every student telling the truth? I think each of us knows the answer is in between these last two questions. So how do I decide which one it is?

I have decided not to decide but will give the same advantage to every student in the class. I am going to turn on all the tests on December 5, 2008. You can take any and all the test for what ever reason you want to take them as long as you have not been in the test more than three times for what ever reason and you do not complain. If you want to improve your grade take the test. If your cat died the fourth time this semester and you could not take the test, you can take it on this day. Yes, I will use the highest score in your grade. Yes, you can take more than one test.

It is your responsibility to be at a computer where you know the tests are working. One of the conditionals is there is no complaining. I will not care if your power went out. I will not care if you are in ICU because you stubbed your toe. etc, etc etc. The responsibility is yours to be ready, to take it early, and to solve problems if they occur with out my assistance.


What I got out of this, the bottom line, be responsible for what you want in this life, and STOP WHINING!

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