Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Whoas

Home from my vacation and actually looking forward
to the Wednesday Routine: Crazy as it sounds!

For anyone who knows us well enough knows that Wednesday is our DAY!!!... for EVERYTHING!!!

Soon I will be on my way to pick up the kids:

305: Pick up G
315: Pick up Cece, Lucy(my niece), S, and J
325: Arrive home, wash hands, after school snacks, check for notes
355: S to Piano
425: Pick up S, J to Piano
455: Pick up J, Cece to Piano
515: G to Football, Lucy picked up by her mom!
600: Cece picked up from Piano
625: S to scouts, get Adam on the way
725: S picked up, G picked up (somehow at the same time)
745: G to Young Men's (quick change, and most times too late!) Uh oh:(
800: DATE??
Relief Society???

Somewhere in between the kids eat, do homework, shower, Daddy comes home, I head out to meetings; it just seems that EVERYTHING falls on this night. G's guitar, postponed for now, is also, on Wednesday.

TGITh....Thank goodness for Thursday!, Friday...Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday....Wednesday makes me count my blessings every other day.

And Wednesday gives me a chance to drive, one on one, with each child; a chance to talk, without interruption, at least one direction, with each little precious person. So I guess I should say: Thank goodness for Wednesday!; and for Home Sweet Home!

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