Tuesday, November 17, 2009


REMEMBER THIS? [posted previously 11/29/08]

what to do?

Our youngest wants to grow all the back of his hair and keep the front short.

he already has the vest to go with the look; SCARY!!!


yes, we allow him to be creative

maybe, might be good to get it out of his system now

no, ABSOLUTELY a bad idea.
the emphasis on the no part is in no way to dissuade you from your opinion.

He, too, has been taking votes,
and so far the mullet is winning. (HELP!)

we could always get him the wig ☺

wELL...THE votes CAME iN:

and the following was posted ---

...it's haircut day.

Mr. B and the young Lad come home,
he is shaved, perfect future missionary haircut,

except that he is 7,
and has 11 more years to have hair
before the days of balded bliss.

Mr. B brings him in: Mom, check out the new cut.

Me: I can see who won that debate.

Mr. B: I think he looks good.

little Lad: Yeah, well Olivia C. wont think so.
She told me she wanted me
to grow my hair out.

[Now we know the method behind the madness,
always a girl involved.]

Mr. B: You look good buddy.

(as he runs to his room,
at least he hasn't learned
to slam the doors, YET.)

Me to Mr. B: You should have just let him get the mullet.

(even i can't believe that i heard myself say that.)

Mr. B now is desperate to heal the broken heart of his child.

Who wouldn't want to?

Father to Son: You look cute buddy.
It's a great haircut.
It is just like mine.

Son to Father:
That's because you

don't have any hair,
you have to cut your hair that way.

[me thinking: GOOD POINT]


Dad to Son: It will grow out.

Son: Not in one day.
AND now my neck is going to be cold.

(thanks to my sister,
for the Mullet fisherman info.
we now have fact behind the folly.)

Dad: Sorry buddy.

Son: Tell that to Olivia C.

yeah, dad, and we will C if he
will EVER go with you to get a hair cut again!

Dad: We can always go get you the wig!

Sister: He will thank you guys someday
for not letting him do that. ☺

Sorry everyone who voted yea;
we are months away from the mullet now.

And the boy's love life is on hold.

I guess that's not a bad thing, right?

PS: Quick addition....
Conversation in the car
with our 15 year old; after the fact!

him: So Dad made him get his haircut.

me: Yes, not real happy about it.

him: Yeah, I heard.

me: Dad should have let him have the mullet.

him: I don't know about that.

me: What's the harm in him having a mullet?

him: Having to look at him!

ouch! point for daD


A few more haircuts later Mr. B has finally come to his senses....sort of.

He told our son after the last cut that he could decide WHEN he gets his hair cut again.

That LAST haircut was about 6 months ago.

Finally Mr. B told him that he would have to start wearing barrettes to keep his bangs out of his eyes!

son's response: That's no problem Dad, can we go buy some today?

Had my daughter not taken the camera for Art Class today I would have downloaded the pictures of my boy proudly wearing a barrette.

I know I know...you want to see it to believe it. But YES, he is fashioned in a clip and proudly headed off to third grade.

Stay tuned for WORDLESS WEDNESDAY.....starring the kid wearing a barrette!


Annette Lyon said...

A barrette? Seriously? Can't wait to see it!

Heatherlyn said...

I think Dad was right. He was saving the boy from himself! (Although there might be different ways to grow out hair without getting the mullet!)

in time out said...

Annette - Yep...seriously.

Heatherlyn - I thought of and encouraged other hair styles, but he wants LONG in back and short on the ears and in the front. No other name than a Mullet...hahaha.

Thank goodness Dad has a level head, even if he hasn't got much hair on it. :) smile (:

Shadow said...

oh no you don't. i'm not getting involved in this, heee heee heeee. but a mullet????? i think you should concentrate on finding a replacement for olivia c...

I LOVE YOU said...


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