Saturday, November 29, 2008

J-7 wants a MULLET!

what to do?
J-7 wants to grow all the back of his hair and keep the front short.

he already has the vest to go with the look; SCARY!!!


yes, we allow him to be creative

maybe, might be good to get it out of his system now

no, ABSOLUTELY a bad idea.
the emphasis on the no part is in no way to dissuade you from your opinion.

He, too, has been taking votes, and so far the mullet is winning. (HELP!)

we could always get him the wig ☺


Mammamia said...

Aaaah! I hate mullets. Some guy gave ME one once and it took me two years to fix it. EEEK!

However, I am going to have to vote with letting him do it. My husband never was allowed to be creative with his hair, and it never did get out of his system. Better now than at 35!

Plus just think of the great blackmail you will possess in about 10 years ;D

Mina said...

Usually I vote for letting kids do what they want--after all it's just hair. But a mullet? That's a tough one!

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Anonymous said...

My vote! Absolutely NOT!!!♥

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"The Booga Wooga" said...

Hey, it looks like a really cool hair style to me but, what do I know... I'm only 2 years old. But, my Grammy said to tell you that she agrees with you... a definite NO! Don't forget to let us know how you did on the Christmas Trivia quiz.

Lori said...

ahhh, the mullet, business in the front, party in the back!

okay, here is your letter...ready? S go girl!

Wendyburd1 said...

no, ABSOLUTELY a bad idea.

Lynn said...


Well,let him do it but have a signed contract with an "escape clause" ( he can keep it for 6 months, then it's haircut time)...he will probably find out that a mullet is not cool in this universe or any other ! LOL

Word veri: maysar

breelyn_faith said...

I agree with letting them do what they want with their hair. If the kid wants a mullet let him have it. I don't like mullets either. When they are teens I think it would be best to let the teen express some of what they would like to do with their own hair. But if mine gets a freaky hair cut or wants one I might have to say something. It won't last forever eventually they will grow up and get something better.

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