Saturday, November 22, 2008

CAPTCHA: great bloggers think alike, take two

this is a shout out to blogger friends.

i will add you
if you comment, so I can get your captcha:

from Mom's Loot
pinongl: a popular 1970's children's game


toddlym: the mental state of
a two year old 10 minutes before he falls asleep.

more than fun: Squals:
actual dictionary definition...
to let out a scream.
I got this captch on the post that was
congratulatory for
a blog winner
with actual reference to a scream!

rhystier: the modern day rastafari movement, this one is the skateboarders movement to be accepted as normal citizins, just trying to get by, trying to matter.

...better watch out, they swoop by in a matter of seconds!

thank you to

Blog is my Co-Pilot

"oudodisi" upseedaisy as spoken by a two year old.

and finally:

hysti: tantrum thrown by neglected spouse
due to OBD,
obsessive blogging disorder.

"i better stop blogging before my significant other person has a hysti fit!"

when you have to refer them to tutu monkey
her post that explains why blogging is so cathartic.
blogging keeps us connected,
in the way

a scented letter in the mail did 50 years ago,
or the phone calls and soap operas did for our mothers generation.

that is what it is all about.

keep them coming...CAPTCH LATER♥

-----catcha later blog dudes!


binders said...

That's so true. In this day and age it's hard to make time to PERSONALLY meet with everyone.

Sometimes it's just those little connections, bits of wisdom or moments of inspiration we glimpse on someone else's blog that give us that boost we need.

clan of the cave hair said...

My cousin and I have both recently relocated and are having trouble figuring out exactly where we fit in in our new communities, we've both taken up bloggin and even though its "virtual" it still helps us both not feel quite so lonely. Check out cuz's blog too, she is listed as "Life according to the little fish" on my blog roll.

rachel said...

That's why I love blogging too. The letter in the mail is a lost art and I miss that. You are such a good writer. Your blog is so funny and you have a cece too?

TUTU Monkey said...

;) made me smile tongiht ...thanks!

Wendyburd1 said...

I HATE word verification!! I don't torture my stalkers this way! LOL!

breelyn_faith said...

I personally too have OBD. My husband confirmed it last night. And I've only been doing this since October. Thanks for coming to my blog. I am now following your blog as well. Hope to get to know ya.

LOL Wendyburd!

Lorie said...

Amen!!! But I still love letters AND soap operas!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

That's cool. link to me all you would like! I'm following your blog now too!

Laura said...

The word verifications are too funny!

Sher said...

I love interpreting the WF. Very funny.
p.s. What was that thing you mentioned on my blog? Inspiration aware? What is that?

Jillene said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and becoming a follower!! I am now a follower of yours!! Great blog--I look forward to more!!

Andrea said...

Hey, about Twilight-- I don't have an 11-yr old, so I don't know probably depends on her maturity level. I know that a lot of moms worry that their daughters will expect every man to act like Edward, and I guess that could be a problem for some girls.

in time out said...

hey sher, i meant inspiration award, the inspiration AWARD, sorry, blog fatality: when you blog too late to check for spelling errors.

thanks everyone for your comments, and for coming by. read ya later...


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Thanks to you too. I love the colors. :)

Erin said...

These word verifications are so funny, aren't they? Mine right now is "solunde." Isn't that Beyoncé's sister? Kind of?

Lynn said...

Cool & Funny... Loved seeing my Avatar on your blog !I have had quite a few word verifs. that actually were something real ! Glad you stopped by my blog...visit anytime and I love comments too !

Mammamia said...

I love your style. And I'm glad you justified my blogging addiction, my husband taunts me ALL the time about it :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blog stalking my blog. Love comments and you made my day. Thanks I am adding you to my blog roll! :)

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