Monday, November 24, 2008


this morning as i was getting dressed cece came in asking me morning questions.

what are you doing today?

should i wear this?

will i be warm enough if i put leggins on?

can i go clothes shopping?


mom, do you have your funerals today?

me: my funerals?

cece: yeah, you said you had funerals this week?

me: funerals? what?
(i don't get it, we had two funerals last month for my grandmothers,
i am wondering if i missed something.)

me: honey, i don't think i have funerals.

cece: oh, you said you had funerals.

me: OH, you mean FINALS. yes, honey, i have finals, not funerals.

i am still not sure if i heard her wrong the entire time,
but thinking about it sometimes finals are like a funeral,
the end of the semester,
burying the disaster of the semester.
some semesters are like that, i've had them.
good luck to anyone in school right now.
hope your funerals go well. no pun intended.


Lynn said...

Cute !
Good luck on your finals...I don't miss those days one little bit !

Krystyn said...

Kids say the funniest things. Good luck on your finals.

Most of my blog bling I didn't make...some of the ones I received, I did.

Jillene said...

SO cute!! I just love the things that kids say!!

Good luck on the finals!!

Mammamia said...

Good luck on your finals!! I think I'm going to be in school forever. One class at a time. Right now my class is independent study, however, so at least I can sort of schedule it around any plans I might have. Good luck again!!

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