Monday, November 10, 2008

The Stonecutter

J's class at school did a town meeting last week. They choose a story, a book, a theme; then as a class they write a play. The music teachers work with them on music, the theater teacher works with them on dialogue, on actions, and on costumes. The dance teacher works with them on dance routines. Then as a class they do the scenery. It is generally a large production and at the end of the semester each class does a town meeting. This semester was J's class production. Each class does one town meeting per year.

His class chose the story of the Stonecutter. The story, in a nutshell is portrayed on the video below, which has been used for institute course viewing, etc.

A couple of the thoughts at the end of the production [which his class learned from the story] I found particularly profound.

They came up with that the spirits of the mountain turned the Stonecutter back into a Stonecutter because he had learned wisdom on his journey. He had learned that the most powerful thing that you can become is to become yourself. And that within each one of us is the power to do the most good, and that the strength that we have in being ourselves is more powerful than anything we might encounter.

They learned that to be content with being yourself is the most valuable lesson and carries the most wisdom. I love the thought that was put into this production, and truly wish I was a videotaper, because nothing will ever be produced that will have as much heart as I saw these 9 and ten year old children produce. Great job, J. I hope that I myself will learn to be more content with what is within me. The power of being me. Love you buddy.

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