Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homework Series, take two: WHAT! Homework???

This is dedicated to S and J, my 9 and 7, BOYS!

quick commercial:
Boys will NOT be boys.
My daughter and I both want a sister, still.

Not that that has anything to do with this post, but we do have some great dress up/future girlfriend photos of the boys in bows and frills.
OHHH if i could show them now.

and now...
Back to S-9 and J-7 and HOMEWORK, take two:

On a sad note to begin, we lost my Grandmothers, both, in the same week this month. Hard times we have been having.

Truly Laughter and Love are the best medicine.

As I mentioned in Series One,
my rant of surface cleaning did not put a dent in the chaos.
So the following morning was Saturday.

music gently playing...
"Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday..."

Here we are, working diligently on our projects,
after my rant and pleading for forgiveness.

I am going through my STACKS of papers,
looking for some semblance of order
and trying to find anything that is critical.

I come across three WEEKS of school notes, important papers, and HOMEWORK.


What happened to us, three weeks of untouched homework. DUE THREE WEEKS CONSECUTIVELY AGO!

I came home from my week vacation
and what do I have here,
the following three weeks HOMEWORK.

WHaT happened to me.
I guess I was still on vacation.
I have lacked in order, lacked in discipline,

But, I have honored,
cherished, grieved and
loved my Grandmothers,
and losing them is not easy.

Not that excuses are necessary; for all us moms out here and there,
be nice to yourself. Ask me! I am certainly not perfectly perfect, nor am I trying to be.

What would you do? Plead guilty, or insane. I think I will plead insanity.

Parent teacher conferences are coming up.
Do I act innocent? Who me? My kid?

Couldn't be!

Smiling works, pleasantries. Oh the joy!

Coming next: Homework Series, take three: my homework FLUNG up on me (for the finale, G-13, all G.)

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Wendyburd1 said...

Well if no teacher has complained, they must understand that your fam is going through a HUGE loss. I have a "thing" with grandparents, but I am waiting for December 1st to post it, it has a lot to do with the holidays. I am SO sorry you lost your is SO hard to lose....ahhh stopping now starting to tear up.....*HUGS*

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