Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spoke too soon

Speaking yesterday of love, hair...oh my...

J and S on the other hand, what to do. J has been collecting hugs from Olivia C. since kindergarten. He and S both have this thing for her. After J invited her to his party last year, he devistatingly expressed that he never should have invited S, "because now S likes her and she is no good for S. S has all the fourth grade and all the third grade girls to choose from. "

Even so, J wants me to fix it, "Who do you think is better for her, Mom?" Fists flared he lets S know that "she's my girl, S, back off." Recess is interesting; I know that I am going to get a call one day when J had decided to beat S up for liking Olivia C.

Olivia C. She makes J's hair tingle. And when we went back to school, there he stood in the hallway, checking the lists to see whose class he was in. I saw a tear drop on his cheek.
What's wrong, can I fix it?
He says: "She's not in my class, but at least she is still in the school."
(oh boy, not at all what I was expecting.)
Later that day he said at least he will learn something this year because she won't be distracting him all the time. [Yes, I am scared.]

This morning J asked me if I have ever seen Never Been Kissed (Drew Barrymore). "You know the part mom, it's so funny when she is dancing around like this (dancing around crazy), you know, when she is all hopped up on Vitamin C?" "Mom, I don't think you should give me Vitamin C anymore, I'm all hopped up!"

Thats right, J, stay out of the Vitamin C.

Love is in the air; and it isn't even Spring!

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on marriage

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