Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you give a mom a bath...

This week my husband gave me the pleasure of an invitation to take a relaxing bath.

Here is how it went: to borrow the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:

If You Give a Mom a Bath

If you give a mom a bath,
She will need a drink of water,

She will tell you the tub is dirty,
So she will need you to clean it.

While in the tub, she will get hot,
Her drink of water will get warm,
She will need a cup of ice.

She will need some mineral salts,
And noticing that they are out,
Try the bubble bath, and maybe a few oils,
That will work, for a moment.

If the bubbles run low,
She will need more,

Needing more,
You will have to run to the store.
While at the store, pick up a new razor,
Oh and can you get a gallon of milk,

Since you are there,
Pick up some lunch meat.

And the couch cushion needs cleaning
So get some of that.

While you are out could you bring me the phone?
Did you see where my book is?...
Oh, and a candle to read by.

Can you get me an extra towel?
And crack open the window?

I could use some light music,
And maybe a new loofa.

Back from the store,
She will need a new drink.
Could you bring me some Tylenol.
The bath is giving me a headache.

Seriously true, Mr. B didn’t know what to do.

In the tub until 2 (AM, yes, that is two in the morning.)

Okay, so it doesn’t rhyme, but I didn’t want to embellish it.
How long until you think he will pour another bath tub for me?

And by the way, has anyone out there noticed that taking a long hot bath gives you a hangover. I always do get a headache, hence, the Tylonol. I think that my heart pounds so much, my blood pressure must rise. Or maybe because while I am bathing I think too much about everything from how I REALLY feel, to what else I need to be doing. IDK.

Anyhow, happy blogging, and make yourself a happy moment today. Take care.


Mammamia said...

What a great husband you have! I consider it a gift if all my husband does is watch the kids while I take a bath :)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I had to come over and check out my new visitor and laughed my guts out over the tub. It was all true, taking a relaxing bath is such a procedure that in the end was it worth the 2 mintues of bliss that all that gave you? YEAH!!!!
Hey come over anytime, I love getting to met new people - love the SpeciMOM.

Blog is my Co-Pilot said...

I do not enjoy baths at all! I get too hot, (and yes, get a headache, I always assumed it was from getting overheated) too bored, too restless, too anxious to get out and do the things I *should* be doing instead of relaxing in a hot bath. My husband finally gave up on suggesting a hot bath as relaxation.

Wendyburd1 said...

I prefer a shower now, but I did get headaches, but assumed it was where you lean your head as you read a god book. What I really LOVE, a good jacuzzi....ahhhhhh....wish we had one now

ScottsHelper said...

Oh I love that! A nice warm bath sounds so relaxing!...Just stopping by through EC. Have a great day!

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