Monday, November 3, 2008

Black Eye

Listening to Dad and G talk at night should be funny, I'm not sure.
Today G came home with a black eye. Not the first time he has had a black eye.

Tonight's black eye has a story:
G plays basketball with his friends during lunch (always a sport involved).
Here's the conversation:
Dad to G: How did you get the shiner?
G: My eye met with a kid's elbow during the game today.
Dad: How's the kids elbow?
G: Better than Mr. Carsey's leg.
Dad: What happened to his leg.
G: The ball hit it.
Dad: How?
G: When it bounced off Kaiesh's head, right before his elbow hit my eye.
Dad: So, how did that hurt Mr. Carsey's leg.
G: It made his leg fall off.
(Okay, seriously. At this point I begin to really listen, my homework can wait.)
Me: G, that can't happen.
G: Mom, he has a wooden leg.
Me: ...(okay so I didn't really say anything here, I think I was in shock because here are Dad and G laughing right out loud. I personally didn't find it funny.)
G let's us in on the details. Mr. Carsey happened to be walking through the gym, carrying some cd's. G threw the ball, it was knocked out of bounce, hit the wall, off keieshs head, which caused him to hit G in the eye with his elbow, and the ball hit Mr. Carsey walking by and knocked his leg off.
Me: G, did you know he had a wooden leg.
G: Yeah, he takes it off during class.
Me: Did you help him?
G: No, he had a girl go get it and he put it back on, we cleaned up the cd's, and Mr. Carsey got up and walked away.
Me: So, will you be passing Mr. Carseys class this year?
G: Probably not.
I guess another year of typing won't hurt anything.

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