Friday, February 27, 2009


"Looking at vegetable life, we see plants that grow in darkness. They are pale; they possess not the beauty of those that grow in open sunlight. When I was a youth, I remember being sent into the cellar late in the spring to sprout some potatoes. Every sprout was reaching out for that ray of sunlight that came through a little aperture!

And yet we go through life and see God's highest creation, man, turning his back on the light, and not as the potato sprout struggling therefore.

I wonder if we are magnifying our calling and are growing toward the light in a desire to be warmed by Christ's love? I wonder if we know just who we are? If we do, let us be obedient unto every commandment of the Lord our Father.

- Walter P. Monson, "Conference Report," April 1917, Outdoor Meeting, p.103

This thought is quite interesting to me today. I have felt myself in such darkness, and yet in darkness there is purpose.

In darkness we sprout and grow, and for some things and people the best they are is grown in darkness.

I think we each go through our experiences thinking that we are to become one perfect thing, that perfect thing is always out of our reach because we are trying to become what we see as perfect in others, not what we are to become ourselves.

We think because we see others doing something really well, that is the only way to do it. We think because our religion leads us in one direction that is THE ONLY WAY. But I am coming to understand the compassion of a loving Heavenly Father.

I am perfect in the way he created me. With my ability to love people, all people, and accept others come what may. I have come to this out of desperation to be loved myself, to be accepted myself.

Through my own darkness, depression, addictions, abuse, I have become me. A perfect ME, not because I am like everyone or anyone around me, but because I know that being me is enough.

I am discouraged everyday as I don't feel myself doing all that I should be, or all that I could be doing. I fail in so many ways.

I don't always do the chores I should, or have the patience I could. But I keep trying, and I am happy to just be me, whoever I am that day.

I am the first person to point out my faults, problem is picking just one of them to point out. And the real problem is that I shouldn't be doing that in the first place.

Grow where you are planted. We all need potatoes, they grow best in the dark. They are sufficient for their purpose, and they are needed for our nutrition. Wherever you are GROW, and be happy to be what you are.

Even if you feel like you are just a potato.

The quote in this talk was given almost a hundred years ago, but it's teachings are as applicable to how we feel today. My grandfather shared another talk with me and something in it has struck my chords in ways that have helped me to feel a little better in my journey to find hope and healing.

The talk was on tape and the writer was speaking about a potential conversation with the Lord.

The conversation went that the gentleman was talking to the Lord about what he had done in his life and the Lord said every time, "did you try", he said in response, "I tried...but I failed. I was only able to do this much..."

The Lord said, "I don't remember that part."

He is such a kind forgiving Lord. I believe that he loves us unconditionally.

That he gave us light and darkness, wisdom and weakness.

He wants us to grow, and GROWTH HURTS. It is not the easy times in life that we grow. It is the hardest experiences we have that we learn the most.

Please love each other. Accept each other. We are all in this thing called life together. No one is doing any better than the other person for we all have things we struggle with. We have loved ones around us who are struggling and we have to STOP going on about ourselves ignoring the ones we love because of our fears.

Walter Monson as a youth was sent to the potato celler. It was there that he learned that even potatoes in darkness reach for the light. But we know that without the darkness we wouldn't have the sweet and essential nutrition of potatoes. We need them.

We need each other. Be a potato for someone in your life. Find a way to reach with them in their darkness, or in yours. The is a bit of light there.

Spring is coming. Hang in there. Love and hugs to you all.

"I wonder if we are magnifying our calling and are growing toward the light in a desire to be warmed by Christ's love? I wonder if we know just who we are? If we do, let us be obedient unto every commandment of the Lord our Father."

...and the greatest commandment of all is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


Shauna said...

I agree! And I am here for you! L♥ve You LOTS! (((HUGS)))

CaJoh said...

Such amazing perspective. I love the way you tie growing plants with personal growth as well.

Boy Mom said...

Can I be potato chips with onion dip? Today on my blog roll it said by the hair of my chinny chin chin growth, do we need to discus tweezers or waxing???

Okay, hope you think I'm cute and funny not disrespectful. I just loved this post, especially the part about, "Just because my church says I should do it one way does not necessarily make it so" Amen!

Anonymous said...

said very well!

clan of the cave hair said...

well, your thoughts are far more well written than mine, but I think its interesting that we were both on the same wavelength today. I edited my post "what, you just want me to be me?" down to as short as I could because i was going to be writting a small book if I didn't, but you really kind of finished my thoughts. I've recently discovered that for now all Heavenly Father is requiring of me is to be me...the me he has caused me to become through the pain and tears and growth he has blessed me with. I wasn't sure that just being ME could really have much value, but apparently he knew I needed to have some kind of affirmation that this is all he wants from me for now and has caused for 5 people in the last 6 weeks to tell me that some small thing I said-in an off the cuff remark-made a difference to them. Thank you for finishing my thoughts today.

p.s. my post was on my Fit for Service blog, not my clan of the Cave Hair blog.
pps...boy mom, I thought the same thing! LOL

in time out said...

Thanks for helping me smile everyone. What nice comments. I love my new blogroll look. HOW FUNNY. Thanks for telling me. I haven't blog rolled myself. Check out this:

It is definitely the other half of my whole thought today too. And what a blessing that we have each other! THankS. hugs. ♥

Wendyburd1 said...

I really liked your post, it got me all teary eyed!!:)

Anonymous said...

that is such a wonderful post! i love it. i hope lots of people read it and really think about that.

by the way.... i TAGGED you on my blog :)

Heatherlyn said...

How true! In the dark, we REACH more. I've been reading some philosphers from around 200 years ago and they all seem to think that suffering is essential to God's plan of happiness. I would be happy if it weren't, and I certainly don't want any of it, but sometimes when we are in the dark we really do grow more quickly towards the light, and with more purpose.

There certainly isn't any one right way to find the light. It's different for each of us. As long as we get there!

Great message!

R Max said...

Love this! Thank you!

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