Monday, February 9, 2009

Try it... you'll like it!!!

Overheard In The Ward


Valerie said...

lol That was funny. What a fun website.

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. What a fun blog you have.

R Max said...

I actually gave the "overheard in the ward" a statement to publish that I had heard at testimony meeting. They obviously didn't like the way I submitted it and edited the heck out of it so it was unrecognizable. And was not even close to what actually happened!

Lucky I didn't post it under my name so I didn't look a complete dork for submitting something so stupid.


in time out said...

Sorry R Max, that can't have been good. I would be frustrated with that situation as well. Actually when I read it I always wonder what the editorial rights are, because who they say it is by...cant be who submitted them. Hmmmm, something to check out!

Tina said...

Thank you so much for the tips on how to create a button. I got two made!


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Boy Mom said...

Very Nice! Blog of the Day! I'm going to your sisters site right now.

Boy Mom said...

Duerh...Cuz,'s all family right?

Overheard In The Ward said...

R Max... sorry. Didn't mean to offend. Just had to get it into the Overheard format. Here it is unedited:

Grateful for Trolls

A woman offered her heartfelt testimony, that she was grateful for "trolls and tribulations" because they always taught her valuable lessons.

Trolls are such great teachers.

on marriage

'Will you, um, marry me?' I haven't seen you in weeks! You don't look happy or excited about the prospect of our marriage! You're asking me to give up my - my freedom, my joie de vivre for an institution that fails as often as it succeeds? And why should I marry you anyway? I mean, why do you wanna marry me? Besides some bourgeois desire to fulfill an ideal that society embeds in us from an early age to promote a consumer capitalist agenda?