Friday, March 27, 2009

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by request:

The group of pictures below that I posted for Wordless Wednesday were from a few of my sons football games this past fall...they played in rain, sleet, snow, and SUNSHINE...believe it or not.

These boys, on all the teams in the league, were troopers and played in all conditions, with style, stamina, and sportsmanship.

Our son's team made it to the Championship game and won .... becoming the number ONE team in the league. We had a dinner and social event, and the boys were presented a team picture with a border signed by all the boys.

It was a great season, with wonderful support from parents, and really a breath of freshness during a really hard period of time for our family.

We loved the break and went to every one of his games. The kids packed up the house, made clubhouses, as you can see, of umbrellas, ate snacks, cuddled together.

We thank so many family members from all over town for coming to support our son and his team. We even had family come from out of state for a couple of games....WE LOVE FOOTBALL...and on to basketball, right...

He is now playing basketball on two teams.
One team just finished and came second
in his division,
and now on his second team
he will play his final game tomorrow,
for the Championship in our region...

Way to go, #1 son. We love you...good luck tomorrow.

by the way...he is the pictures below!!!


Real Mom, Real Life said...

Number one in the league!!?? That is amazing... Congrats!

Femin Susan said...

Its really funny . Thanks for sharing.

Heatherlyn said...

Fun Fun! Kids sports can sure take up a lot of time! It's great when the kids enjoy it and grow and do their best!

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