Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Mumblings!

Okay, I surely mumbled a comment on Shauna's blog today. She asked how do you stay calm as part of her 100th post celebration, and as a giveaway. Anyone of you who do not read her blog are missing out. Click anywhere on my pathetically written comment below, which helped me so much to think through how I stay calm....Her blog is Trying to Stay Calm!...and she is such a great friend. ALwaYs THERE in your time of need. Props to my friend Shauna. Hugs and love to her. Check out her blog, and join the world of happy days ahead for you. She is a great person and friend.

Happy 100th!!!!

How exciting and fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

I always enjoy your enthusiasm.

For me to stay calm I depend on friends a LOT. Here in blog land I have met some great people, YOU ARE THE BEST, and you have helped me immensely since we have met. I often come here to you for just some enthusiasm and smiles. I love to read you and your comments, because you have given so many people a place to come where they know that they can depend on you to help lift them in times of need.

That said, I know you have your struggles and worries, but you are such an example of someone who knows that to over come anything it begins with looking outside of yourself and serving others. I will say that you are Christlike, because YOU ARE.

Okay, my other way of calming down includes humming my favorite hymn, something I learned serving in primary. My favorite song seems to switch over from primary to hymns now that I am no longer there, and being exposed to grown up things. I sing a lot to myself, and my kids laugh because I can't keep a tune in a bucket.

Second, I take baths and my husband often rubs my feet. I look forward to every Wednesday, when we have a date, because I know that I will calm down from whatever my worries are.

Okay...this could have been a blog post. Thanks for asking and thanks for the opportunity to think through what I do to calm down. What a wonderful friend you are.

I do love you my dear. Hugs. ♥


Shauna said...

How SWEET! This post made my night! You are a sweetheart! Your words mean a LOT to me and you are truly a blessing to me! Thank You so very much for being You! You are awesome and I l♥ve you LOTS! Hope you are feeling better and that you are having a great night! Big Big Warm Hugs to you my dear precious friend :)

nicole said...

How thoughtful. How nice to have such a great friend!

Jillene said...

That is so sweet. Shauna is pretty great huh?!

Kate said...

I need to use some of those tips to keep calm myself. I love your blog and I will definitely be back.

Heatherlyn said...

Dates and foot rubs are VERY calming!

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