Saturday, March 7, 2009

How do you celebrate St. Patricks Day???

How do you celebrate St. Patricks Day???

a bit of dancing...

friends and fun...

maybe theres a girl [or boy] involved...

a little bit o' green???

a frog or two in your pocket!!!

This is the first of many posts that have to do with
my FAVORITE holiday.

My kids had a St. Patricks Day dance at their school last night. It was a delightful event, and my J even got a half hug from his "girlfriend". Ahhh, to be there for the thrill of young love.

The kids learned traditional Irish Dances, heard Irish music, had snacks, and competition for the most GREEN Irish costume.

As you can S's friend [pictured above] won the "shoes" for his apparel. What a fun evening and event.

And looking forward to a month of celebrations.

We have corned beef, cabbage, green jello, pistatio pudding, green beans, salad, green kool aid...Lucky Charms for breakfast....and I will be adding the green leprechan milk that
...shared with me in a comment this week.

How do you CELEBRATE?

I really want to know. This day is our biggest holiday.
I am irish...I have an Irish husband...
our daughter and son have the reddest
IRISH hair I have ever seen.

One Mr. B story that I haven't gotten to has to do with him decorating my bedroom with a rainbow, and white and green helium balloons covering the cealing, seriously covering the clouds, and a pot of gold...chocolates at the end of the rainbow.

The card said, bet you will NEVER forget this St. Patricks Day...which I haven't. I will have to scan the old pictures to post someday...

Also, I have a story about great, great, great ancestor. Which story explains my stubborn and defiant behavior...I just take after her a bit.

How do you celebrate
St. Patricks Day?



suzie said...

Gosh, I missed you yesterday when you didn't post. Of course I wish I could have been there, I love St Paddy Party's! They all look so cute, I want to see more pics. Have a superduper day. Love ya.

Motherboard said...

I celebrate St.Pattys' day with a birthday! Green eggs and ham all the way, baby! :>

Heatherlyn said...

We've done lucky charms, green milk, and try to have green things for dinner. It sounds like you have much more fun. I'd love to see pictures of the rainbow your husband made. That is the most thoughtful thing ever!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Dang. Sounds way fun.

St. Patty's Day in my house was always corned beef and cabbage.

I HATE corned beef and cabbage.

Now I just forget about it completely. (It doesn't happen in Brazil - thanks for the reminder!)

rachel said...

Aww St. Patty's day! From one Irish lass to another, I love the holiday too :) Leprechauns always come in and make a huge mess of the kids' toys (but mine are younger) and then leave a pot of gold. Oh and you can always tell where they have been by the green footprints (made out of green paper) all over the house!

R Max said...

It's St Pat's day in New Zealand all the time.

What I mean is, the Irish pubs (and they are legion) celebrate by drinking and carousing. But this is the case everyday so the difference St Pat's day makes in NZ? More drinking and carousing. It really is an epidemic.

Wendyburd1 said...

I am so glad you are gonna do the milk!! And of course you can link to me whenever you want, new readers are great! Thanks for the nice comments, it means a great deal!!

Cheryl Lage said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE St. Patty's! Read on a friend's blog that she greens up the toilet water! Am SOOOO going there this year! :)

Glad to hear someone else loves it like I do! :)

Thanks so much for all your kind commments on my blog....LOVE yours!

Will look forward to seeing your Way Back When-esday! :)

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