Saturday, January 24, 2009

Got Org???

Both of these beautiful buttons will take you to Stacey's blog
Got Org?

I love her site, and not because it is filled with
swirling chocolate,
but that is what addicted me to follow her.

I am writing because she has challenged her
followers to do something.


* Challenge is as follows:

A. Review all past postings and keep visiting me here at Got Org

B. Take one of the ideas that you learned about here and put it into action. Remember to take BEFORE pictures. This could be a closet, a basement or garage or an entire room. You choose. It could be anything you utilized from this blog.

C. Take After pictures and then be ready to enter the competition by April 1st, no this is not an April Fool's day joke.

D. If this is something that you can't really take a picture of ( ie: computer, or time management stuff) then write an essay describing what you thought about the idea, how you put it into practice and how your life is better using this tool.

STACEY- six basic organization concepts

S- start it
- toss, it

A- assign
C- containerize
exercise, work it out

Y -you, what works for U


so I am taking her challenge,
and i am going to organize something...
probably my bedroom,
although many parts of the house will
literally fall in to place
if i begin this project.

i do things best when i am accountable to someone

PLEASE, I need two people who will
follow Stacey's blog,
and who will poke at me until i get this
project done.



Shadow said...

uuum, i'm not a pokey kinda person, but i wish you a lotta luck!!!!!!

Jillene said...

I follow Stacy's blogs--both of them!! And I just organized my storage room and my bedroom--such a great feeling!!

Barbaloot said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm excited to read more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful, thanks for blogging this :)

best of luck and I am so excited to have so many people following ! you are great!!!

Andrea said...

I'll help you, if you want.

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