Wednesday, January 28, 2009

word verification wednesday goes wrong

kind of like girls gone bad. why did i comment this:

snatic: the static in your nose
when the snot makes it stick.

that is just gross.

So, click on the snatic to see last weeks game, or click on the other snatic to play this week on Thou Shalt not Whine's website. thanks for the game fun!!!


Stesha said...

I always laugh at the words, they are too funny.

Hugs and Mocha,

CaJoh said...

Makes me wonder who comes up with these things.

My word verification for this comment is: sivac

Not sure if it is a name or some Slavic swear word.

Cynthia said...

I just assumed the word verification words were generally not REAL words. Are you telling me that they are all actual words?

My word verification word for this post is caryth. I guess I'd better go find out what that means.

Lynn said... are a crack up !

Boy Mom said...

Hilarious! I have been keeping a list of verification words they are just to funny.

Mammamia said...

lol. Reminds me of the poem:
Don't kiss your honey
When your nose is runny
You might think it's funny
but it'snot :)

Anonymous said...

oh I have a book hubbys anyway) and its full of sniglets like this

my word right now is UNDIT

which tells me to get off the comptuer and clean the house LOL

rachel said...

man I've woken up with snatic before and it's not fun :)

Erin said...

My wv right now is tryme.

Tryme? Snatic? What is this world coming to?

Andrea said...

Gross, but funny!

Femin Susan said...

It was really funny...... Good game......

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