Friday, January 23, 2009

talk about LOOT for moms!!

I got the nicest package in the mail.

let me explain.

see that followers/friends thing in the right sidebar of my blog. well, i clicked on one of those, one that helps me to find and use the bargains out there, a blog called Mom's Loot...
and she decided that to thank her followers she would send some loot.

Talk about KINDNESS. Not only that but each of the loot items meant
something, see below.
Well, that leaves me to say THANK YOU to Lynn;
for being such a nice person;

Not only did she create a blog that does so much for my family in the way of savings...but then to send me something so sweet in the mail.

It came on a day when I was struggling with my feelings...recovering from a surgery and feeling a bit down. It was SOOO timely!!!

so THANKS to Mom's Loot. Check her out. She is amazing!!!

quote [below] and ALL pictures are from her site:
Pillow - the gift of COMFORT -
knowing that someone out there hears my voice and likes it !

Chocolates - the gift of KINDNESS -
how sweet and thoughtful you all are.

Clock - the gift of TIME-
the precious time you spend reading my posts.

Body wash - the gift of CLEAN and FRESH-
the nice , upbeat comments you all leave for me.

Ceramic Plaques - the gift of YOU -
a reminder that I value you as friends and trust you too !




Femin Susan said...

that's a great well written and good for words.

KC Mom said... gift!

Shadow said...

that's a super cool gift indeed. thanks for visiting...

Jillene said...

Very nice of her!!

Lynn said...

What a great post...
All I can say is WOW ! Thank you so much...I feel like a star and I really needed that today.
Also for the button cool !
You are the best !

Mammamia said...

I love nice people. I hope you're feeling okay!

Erin said...

That is so sweet! I'm glad she was able to help you feel a little bit better on a rough day.

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