Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tag, I'm IT!!!

I totally tagged myself on this one.
I don't even think it was a tag,
but it looked so fun on Jillenes blog
that so I have made it one.

Thanks Jillene.

here goes:
1) If kids new that when mom is frustrated she really just needs a safe hug. Safe Hugs and Kisses make everything in the world better, for mom's too. ... so #1: Hugs and Kisses!

2) Mom is new at this too so sometimes we make mistakes.
so #2: forgiveness!

3) Mom's like to have fun,
--but being an adult...
Having to be the person who makes up
and keeps the rules is really hard.
And yes...i am making up the rules as I go along
[not an easy task, that and dishes, dinners, laundry
homework, heartbreaks, owies...oh my GOODNESS,!!!

I am new at being the grown up #3: understanding!

4) Mom's love flowers,
even the ones most people call weeds;
ie dandylions are my favorite.
Mom's are thankful for the small stuff.
so#4: bring her a flower... or a weed, ...goes well with #1.

Actually goes really well with #1, #2, and #3.

thanks for the fun.
I now tag ALL moms and dads who read this.
please let me know when/if you do the tag...
thanks for playing.


That Girl in Brazil said...

I love your first one. We need hugs and kisses just as much as our kids do!

R Max said...

I'm still don't know what a "tag" is.

I know... it's truly sad.

Mina said...

Those are nice ideas. I don't think I realized as a kid how easy it would truly be to make my mom's day. It's one of those things you really only know once it's almost too late.

rachel said...

Love this list. Moms do love to have fun and WIN at games. Is that ok to say? Hey, even if I'm playing Chutes and Ladders I want to come in first :D

R Max said...

OK, I get the tag thing! Thanks for the education!

Real Mom, Real Life said...

I love this!!! My son brings me flowers (really weeds, grass, twigs) all the time... I love it.

Krystyn said...

That's a great list!

And, yes, we need our hugs and kisses. Especially after all the work it takes to enforce the rules.

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