Friday, January 30, 2009

honesty, honestly; reader beware!

words. again. I am stuck on words today, and while i am stuck thinking about blogging about words, thank you Heather for being so supportive of my fetishes, ie for now blogging about words, and thank you to others, you know who you are, for you support of my RAMBLINGS, wow, you must really love me to keep coming back for more.

anyhow. i am definitely in a rambling mood. good thing this is not my only place to vent. and since my venting is on so many layers today i have something to say EVERYWHERE. wow, i need meds. so, here i am, it is the sabbath day, and i have enjoyed a beautiful meeting, a beautiful and refreshing and renewing sacrament, and now i find myself waking from a 5 hour nap with my brain firing. for anyone who doesn't know what that means: BE THANKFUL...and pray you never have to find out. seriously, pray. I WILL WAIT.

good, your back, and hopefully safe.

so. i had something to say about me and honesty. not really anything bad, but man, I am WAY to honest. WAY to much of the time. If you don't believe me, here goes...I honestly did tell Mr. B's home teaching supervisor last night that rubbing his wife's nipples would help her to stimulate labor. They (ie HE) sounded desperate. I mean, when your wife gets only 3 days from her due date, that constitutes desperation. Don't believe me, you have probably never been there. Yes, the HTS went running, so did Mr. B. But not before I mentioned something about looking it up on the internet, only to cause worse embarrassment as he was thinking nipple twisting was probably not two words that go well in your internet search engine.

if i were catholic that would merit a father forgive me moment. Being Mormon I think I am safe, well safe enough. I still have my calling, which is like a job in our church, which doesn't mean much, it just means they are still desperate.

I conducted today [Sunday] in Relief Society and to save any of you readers who are still reading from over share I will just stop at that. it wasn't as bad as last nights honesty, but close. i guess when you have lived my life you have a lot to say that people respond in shock and horror over. i don't know any different or any better. it is the only life i know, and i guess when lessons are taught from a holy errr than holy level, which tends to happen, most people don't realize just how bad things can get, and that families are forever sounds more like a threat to some people, and that it really doesn't make for an easy lesson to live through, when you know the things i learned early only in my life. lets just say my comments began with something to do with a wrecking ball, and the destruction of a childhood, and not really being a fan of live perfect and you have nothing to fear....i am not sure who i am tied to for eternity at this point, but i am thankful that the link goes back to adam and eve, and that i will somewhere find contentment with the sisters that i dearly love, enjoy, and appreciate, the sisters I meet with each week, my sisters, by family, my daughter, my cousins, dear aunts, grandmothers....i may not be their child....born into the covenant as they say, but somewhere i will be collected up and kept, i had two offers from sisters in Relief Society to take me if i am so orphaned in heaven, as here on earth.

phew, that was way to long, but to save me from having to go back, read and edit, i will just begin a new paragraph, and get to my point...hopefully you stopped reading too and just began again here. point, yes, i have one. my cousin LeShel blogged about this baby making her butt look big, and my sister Suzie told me a funny this week about a kid asking a lady if a baby was growing in her stomach what was growing in her butt, so I blame both of you. Its not a bad blame, it is a THANK YOU because i had just the right words to deal with a circumstance at church today.

Here goes, yes, actually my point: At church many things happened today, of which I want to blog three.

1) after relief society i get my usual dose of sisters needing to report something and today was not unusual. I decided to handle it with flair. as the complaint was coming in about something that i had missed during the week, something that i should have handled/ie taken care of, remembered....deadlines. I don't understand deadlines at church, and being just a week shy of post-operative, and finally sober from the meds that I have been on, and still swollen, not bending well, just thankful that I was upright, and for girdles,,,,yes, thankful for girdles, which can hold in stuff that you need holding in I was able to look at this the complainer, and just say in response to what I was missing that should have been/could have been done [certainly not life or death....i mean this is church, and it didn't have to do with food, oxygen, water or shelter, the essential essentials] and say...."Does this surgery make my butt look big."

Yes, that is my exact words. let me repeat: "Does this surgery make my butt look big."

she stopped. and i said sorry, i was just wondering. go on, what were you saying. to which she said. oh....i heard you had surgery, and i said, yes, and what is it that i missed, hmmm, i will get to that right away....after my nap of course.

okay, item #2 this story includes Mr. B and let me just forewarn you that stories that include Mr. B are usually inappropriate and sometimes really painful. reader beware.

Elder Johnson came up to me, right after talking to the sister about my butt looking big, and right before story number three, which is a J-9 story and also includes Elder Johnson. If you don't know Elder Johnson don't worry, just click on his picture here and you will be taken to one of my favorite talks from conference. all his talks are good, but i really loved this one.

(yes, loving this talk may confuse you being that i struggle with what i mentioned earlier, but focus on the restoring is my hope, i love my family, and i pray for that restoration of the family that i belong to, i want to be with everyone of them.)

okay, now to continue he comes up to me and takes my hand, not uncommon, his wife is my visiting teacher, and they are an amazing couple, but today he says, i will never forget and always remember, "Dear Stacie, your daughter is an amazing young girl, i could not overcome how beautiful in spirit she was in Young Women s today [yes, I just said Young Women s, and yes, I am having a hard time with that as well.] She is an amazing young girl and you should be really proud of her. I can tell that she has been taught well in your home."

oh course i said thank you, i think, i was so overcome. Cece-12 was called and sustained as the Beehive Counselor; G-14 as the Teacher Quorum President, so it was a nice meeting all together.

and that was probably the nicest moment of getting a compliment about your child I have ever had. It wasn't his words, with was the feeling and the spirit that I felt while he was saying them. Amazing.

okay, i haven't mentioned Mr. B in this story yet, and here is where the story gets interesting...
Mr. B and i over lunch were talking, yes, we talk.

and he mentions that Elder Johnson came into the clerks office and took his hand and complimented him on Cece. He tells me the conversation:

Elder Johnson: Brother, Your daughter Cece is a beautiful and amazing young girl, with an amazing spirit and strength, I don't know where you got her, but she is something special.

Brian: Oh, she's from the postman....

to which Elder Johnson did not reply beyond saying that we were fortunate to have her.....did you expect him to....GEEZ Mr. B...the postman, the milkman, the milkmaid, the paper boy...always some comment on who they belong to when he is complimented on our children.

anyhow, i am going to move on before i say what is on my mind..

so, Elder Johnson is speaking to me and J-9 looks up at him and says, "Yeah, this is my mom but I don't live with her right now. I moved out. I live with my aunt. I only see my mom at church."


(I can hear Suzie right now saying, OH NO HE DIDN"T, you are aren't you....}

Yes, he did, he said it. How do you follow your child when they tell an apostle of the Lord that you are their mom...but that they don't live with you.

I say: "Yes, he moved out until Tuesday morning, it is just something he is trying."

To which J-9 said: "No, not just trying it out, I don't live with her [pointing to me] right now."

okay, at this point I just smiled, because I know enough from family services in my childhood it is just best not to say anything more....

and that was our Sabbath. How was yours?

just in case this was all together too long and you didn't want to read it i will post a picture for your pleasure. I love visual rhetoric. okay....happy day!


Shadow said...

rambling, maybe, but definately amusing!

Anonymous said...

totally lmbo at the surgery making your butt look big and that comment by your son is CRACKING ME UP

Andrea said...

That's definitely a Sunday to remember. Hang in there.

Wendyburd1 said...

I can't NOT be honest. Something happened like 6 years or more ago, and since then I can't STAND to be dishonest. I can't lie so if someone has some huge secret like I am gonna surprise your mom with another 2nd honeymoon, do NOT tell me, secrets are like lying to me!!

I am not bad honest though, I don't want to hurt feelings!

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

ROFL.... to the HT comment, then awe and understanding to the "threat of eternal life" comment, Oh I love the joe and your son and .....


I am laying here on my bed with 2 sick kids, one who thinks nursing will cure anything, and is no longer hungry, so it is simply annoying and another who is whining and wiggling and crying... I am so tired as a mom somedays - but for a few minutes reading your posts I am able to see the humor in even the "worst" of situations.. and smile and sigh and go back to nursing and cuddling my 2 sick kids.. thankyou!

R Max said...

Wow... you and me must be cousins... or at least come from the same tribe or somethin' 'cos you are sounding alot like ME today!

blogismycopilot said...

that is such a great story. Seriously, I think there would be alot more active mormons excited about coming to church on Sunday's if they thought it was ok to be honest about who they are and just say "it"...whatever "it" is! I LOVE you for this!

Lynn said...

I get really annoyed with people who complain no matter what YOU have been going thru... what a Sunday...I think I would put MYSELF down for a 3 hour snooze after that !

Cute Pic !

Boy Mom said...

You're hilarious! Uhh what surgery? did I miss something? I was offline for a few days.

on marriage

'Will you, um, marry me?' I haven't seen you in weeks! You don't look happy or excited about the prospect of our marriage! You're asking me to give up my - my freedom, my joie de vivre for an institution that fails as often as it succeeds? And why should I marry you anyway? I mean, why do you wanna marry me? Besides some bourgeois desire to fulfill an ideal that society embeds in us from an early age to promote a consumer capitalist agenda?